Ignatian Newsletter: 2024 - Edition #1

2024 Co-curriculum Program

Written by
Shannon Staub
Head of Co-curriculum

The College’s Co-Curriculum program supports and encourages active learning beyond the classroom and subject curricula. Our program is stronger than ever this year, with approximately 60 activities on offer, including some new activities such as Gardening Club, Coffee Club, Football (Soccer) Coaching and Dance and Drama Club. All activities run outside of class time, including before and after school and lunchtimes.

Students are invited to immerse themselves fully in the Co-curriculum Program to enrich the scope of their learning and experiences at the College and to make new friends. All Co-curriculum activities are supervised by members of teaching staff who act as patrons of individual activities, and our aim is to have some fun.

Students in Years 7 and 8 will attend a Co-curriculum Expo during class time on Thursday 15 February and all students are encouraged to sign up to new experiences, in our program.

One of the highlights of the College calendar is undoubtedly the most enthusiastically contested House Shield event of the year, the House Eisteddfod. In an entirely student-run event, each of the six Houses of Loyola College performs a 12-minute act that encompassed singing, drama and dancing. All students from Years 7-12 are invited to be part of this fantastic Co-curricular activity.

With the exception of Activities Week, rehearsals commence after school on Friday 2 February and run each Friday afternoon, from 3:30pm to 5:30pm. All rehearsals are supervised fully by members of teaching staff and performance night is Tuesday 26 March.

All students are welcome, and especially Year 7s, who will have a wonderful opportunity to meet new friends and get to know other students in their House a little better.

May the best House win!

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