Ignatian Newsletter: 2024 - Edition #7

Year 9 STEM Day at Loyola College

Written by
Dinh Tran
Head of Digital Learning

Loyola College recently hosted year 9 STEM Day. In an ever-evolving world driven by innovation and technology, nurturing a passion for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) among students has become paramount. Recognising this imperative, Loyola College has taken a proactive approach by organising its annual Year 9 STEM Day, a vibrant event designed to ignite curiosity and inspire young minds.

One of the standout features of Year 9 STEM Day is its emphasis on hands-on learning experiences. Students have the opportunity to engage in four out of 14 interactive workshops and activities. Whether it's coding, learning algorithms and programming robots or drones, solving the Escape room challenge, or designing rapid prototypes and testing them in a wind tunnel, participants are immersed in practical applications of STEM concepts.

Year 9 STEM Day serves as a window into the vast array of career opportunities within STEM fields. By interacting with our keynote speaker, Dr Robert Ross, students gain valuable insights into real-world applications of STEM disciplines. Dr Robert Ross is an Associate Professor in the Engineering Department at La Trobe University. Robert is head of Robotics and Electronics Research, founder of the RAMPS robotics lab and has developed a collection of robots to explore wombat burrows, prune grapevines and inspect sewers. Robert is also the inventor of an escape room decoder box designed for use in the classroom.

STEM education isn't just about memorising facts and formulas; it's about fostering a spirit of curiosity and nurturing creativity. Year 9 STEM Day encourages students to think outside the box, experiment fearlessly, and embrace failure as a stepping stone to innovation.

Beyond its immediate educational benefits, Year 9 STEM Day instils in students a passion for lifelong learning. By experiencing the excitement of discovery and the satisfaction of overcoming challenges, participants develop a growth mindset that extends far beyond the confines of the event itself. They learn that in the dynamic world of STEM, there's always something new to explore, and every setback is an opportunity for growth.

Year 9 STEM Day at Loyola College is more than just a one-day event; it's a catalyst for transformative learning experiences that shape the future leaders of tomorrow. By fostering hands-on learning, encouraging collaboration, inspiring career exploration, cultivating curiosity and creativity, and empowering lifelong learning, the event equips students with the skills and mindset needed to thrive in an increasingly STEM-centric world. As we look towards the future, it's clear that initiatives like Year 9 STEM Day are instrumental in unlocking the full potential of our next generation of innovators and problem-solvers.