Ignatian Newsletter: 2024-Edition #8

Engaging Grade 4 students 'Humanities Style'

Written by
Lisa Saltalamacchia
Head of Learning-Humanities and Commerce Faculty

On Wednesday 8th of May, the Grade 4 students from our feeder schools embarked on a memorable journey facilitated by the Humanities Faculty. The activity of the day was the 'Amazing Race' activity, which elicited an enthusiastic response from the students.

Structured with pedagogical precision, the activity encompassed three distinct tasks designed to engage the students intellectually and foster collaborative problem-solving skills.

Task 1 entailed a blend of physical agility and cognitive acumen as students selected a designated runner from their team to go on a quest to find the bundle of flags found in a secret location within the school. This exercise not only honed their ability to navigate physical spaces but also challenged their geographical knowledge. Upon acquiring the flags, teams were tasked with identifying the respective countries they represented, discerning the languages spoken therein, and pinpointing their locations on a global map.

Task 2 delved into the annals of history, presenting students with pivotal events such as the inception of Google. Participants needed to place these events accurately on a timeline, thereby refining their historical literacy and contextualising significant milestones within the continuum of time.

Task 3 pivoted towards the exploration of economic/business principles, as students were presented with a trio of images symbolising distinct resource categories: capital, natural, and labour. Teams meticulously categorised each image, thereby elucidating their comprehension of fundamental economic concepts and their real-world applications.

The pinnacle of anticipation arose as teams strived for the Magis and wished for the title of 'Amazing Race' champions. The first triumphant team to successfully navigate through all three tasks claimed the title and received a well-deserved prize, serving as a testament to their teamwork, ingenuity, and determination.

Beyond the allure of competition, the 'Amazing Race' activity served as a conduit for holistic learning, amalgamating physical activity, historical inquiry, and economic/business understanding into a cohesive educational experience.

As educators, we loved creating such innovative approaches to instil a lifelong passion for learning and empower students to navigate the complexities of the world with confidence.

A big thank you to my colleagues Jenny Murray and Natalie Buser who accompanied me in creating and delivering this fun activity for the grade 4 students.