Ignatian Newsletter: 2024 - Edition #10

Student Voice

Written by
Loyola College Committee

Flynn House 

We are so pleased with Flynn House’s enthusiasm this Semester!

Starting off with Term 1, it was a delight to welcome our new Year 7 students, who have settled into Loyola and our Flynn community very well. Our first big event for the term was the Swimming Carnival! The students' outstanding contribution and determination led us to win many events, which clearly showcased Flynn House’s team working abilities. We were stoked to receive the title of victor, and although it didn’t last long, we are all very proud of the commitment and enthusiasm the students presented and are very happy for Xavier House.

Following this, we had the House Eisteddfod; Flynn House was so excited to receive the First-Place award for performance, Rock of Ages. The hard work and dedication was so worthwhile and we are beyond proud of all the students who gave up their time to participate in rehearsals, who made the performance what it was. We want to extend a massive thank you to all the teachers and student leaders who went above and beyond to support the production of the show, along with their ongoing enthusiasm throughout the entire process. This was an amazing achievement for Flynn students to reclaim the victory and have more students excited to participate in the next event.

Athletics once again proved to be another year of amazing participation presented from Flynn House. We all did our best and ran our hardest landing us 3rd overall. We are still so proud of all those who raised their hand to participate, put in the hard work and competed in events. In the end we know it’s not all about winning but having fun and working together to encourage House spirit. A big thanks to all our house captains, teachers and helpers that assisted in keeping the day organized and the students who stepped up to help throughout the day.

We hope that everyone has a safe and restful holiday break, ready to start back with Semester 2, and we wish everyone luck through the busy term, particularly the Year 12s as time starts to dwindle. A big thanks to our Head of House, Ms Tolli, for her continuous support to Flynn House. Bringing much energy and enthusiasm, Ms Tolli has provided us with opportunities and unique ideas that have greatly improved Flynn House. Without her we wouldn’t have been able to accomplish all we have so far this year.

Student of the Fortnight

Amelia Devlin (8,FSKE) is a hardworking and passionate member of the Flynn community that continues to illustrate leadership qualities in various House events and everyday endeavours. Her commitment and dedication to the House Eisteddfod and the swimming carnival did not go unnoticed. Amelia went out of her way to compete in races that were unfilled by other students of her year level, as well as encourage other students to get involved. Amelia goes above and beyond in offering assistance and participating in all Flynn Activities, it's so wonderful to see her bright attitude and ongoing enthusiasm among the Flynn House environment.

Sophie Lay (12,FLBO) & Caleb Waszkinel (12,FECG). 

Flynn House Captains.