Ignatian Newsletter: 2024 - Edition #9

Community Engagement

Written by
Monica Agius
College & Community Engagement Assistant

LPFA Winery Tour: A Memorable Day in Red Hill

On Saturday, 25th May, the LPFA community boarded the bus and embarked on the annual winery tour in the picturesque Red Hill region. Our adventure included visits to three exceptional wineries, tasting a selection of fine wines. Each winery offered a unique experience, and the glorious weather added to the experience.

The tour also included a delightful stop at a local dairy, where we sampled an array of delicious cheeses. The culinary journey didn't end there; we concluded our tour at a brewery/distillery in Mornington, enjoying handcrafted beers and gin that showcased the best of local craftsmanship.

A special thank you goes to Loretta Baker for her fantastic efforts in organizing the games and raffle prizes, adding an extra layer of excitement to the day. Thank you also to Mark Monteneri who brilliantly MC'd the event and kept everyone entertained with engaging games on the bus and at each stop. The games and friendly chatter made the travel between venues as enjoyable as the destinations themselves. A special thank you to Clark McEvoy who ensured everybody on board was comfortable and had an enjoyable bus ride.

Finally, a heartfelt thanks to Liz Karanfilovska and Des Mavridis for their meticulous planning and coordination of the venues. Their hard work ensured a smooth and memorable experience for all participants. The LPFA winery tour was once again an enormous success, bringing our community closer together while celebrating the best of Red Hill's offerings.

2024 Entertainment Guide

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Elite Performance Grant

The Loyola Friends and Parents Association (LPFA), generously support young achievers in their pursuit of elite Sport or Performing Arts each year at the College. Students are given the opportunity to apply for a grant of up to $500.00 to put towards their travel expenses and costs for a major competition in which they are competing. Students can apply for this grant at any time of the year. There are four sporting grants available.
For more information about this grant please contact Monica Agius at community@loyola.vic.edu.au or 9433 0228.