Ignatian Newsletter: 2024 - Edition #9

Nilumbik Youth Summit

Written by
Christina Sudano
Student Leadership Coordinator

On Wednesday 22nd May, Loyola College students Amber Alcock 9FFCH, Xavier Dal Cin 9MJBR (YKS), Jessica Di Pasquale 9CMSA, Giuliano Frisina 9MJLI, Emma Nguyen 9MCMS, Patrick Quinn 9CMSA, Alana Raffo 9MGAO, Clarissa Stathopoulos 9MJMM, and Blake Wheeler 9FADB attended the Nillumbik Youth Summit at Eltham Community and Reception Centre with seven other local and surrounding secondary schools. 

The purpose of this annual summit is to bring together young people, aged 12-25, to discuss issues they are passionate about - such as climate change and sustainability, mental health, gender equity, employment and training, racism and diversity, alcohol and vaping, and bullying - and to voice what change the council could be implementing in the community. 

Students did have the opportunity to voice their ideas to local MPs, councillors, council staff, and local services staff by the conclusion of the summit. 

Our students found this day invaluable and offered the following thoughts:

I'm actually really happy I came here. It's been so productive!

I've enjoyed that everyone has had an opportunity to connect, and that the different topics we've discussed have sprung lots of opinions from everyone.

I like that the thoughts I've put into the discussions are actually going to be heard, and it's not just me saying things without a purpose.

It's been great to see how passionate everybody is about different topics. It's been good, too, that everyone can just talk freely about their opinions on them without judgement.

I've found that everyone's opinions are really diverse, and they are impactful. Everyone is very knowledgeable!

It was good to be a voice! It was also very interesting to hear about the problems of young people today.