Ignatian Newsletter: 2024 - Edition #9

NCCD Information

Written by
Student Services

The Learning Diversity teaching team is currently collating student data for the purpose of our annual funding submission in support of students with disability. Some information issued by Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (NCCD) can be found in the attached document at the bottom of this article. With our midyear exam period approaching, families with children in Years 9 and 10 case managed by Student Services can also expect an invitation to attend their Semester 1/Term 2 Program Support Group meeting to ensure appropriate provisions are in place.

For those in the community who may be investigating a diagnosis such as ADHD, ASD or a Generalised Anxiety Disorder for your child and require teacher input into this action, the College has some processes in place to ensure this is done uniformly and fairly. Accuracy of information gathering, and the time teachers must take to complete lengthy questionnaires and screeners needs to be co-ordinated. We request, therefore, any documentation shared by an external specialist for diagnostic purposes be sent to the Head of Student Services at husseyk@loyola.vic.edu.au This will be followed up with further contact and the screeners disseminated to the appropriate, agreeable staff members before being forwarded directly to the treating external professional.

Please do not directly approach subject teachers with questionnaires or screeners relating to your child’s presentation in class. It is very important for the department that oversees student support be aware of those undergoing a diagnostic process in order to initiate adjustments and supports efficiently and accurately.

Nccd parent fact sheet