01 November 2023

Celebrating our Class of 2023

Recent Year 12 Graduation events provided our school community with an opportunity to celebrate 13 years of hard work, perseverance and resilience displayed by our graduating Class of 2023.

Our Graduation calendar would commence with House Farewells followed by our inaugural Year 12 Celebration Afternoon – the highlight of which saw Acting Principal Ms. Leutchford take centre stage in a very cold Dunk Tank!

Our Farewell Assembly would be a bittersweet occasion, as students were formally acknowledged one final time by their peers. Here we would acknowledge the achievements of our graduates, their growth, and the lifelong friendships forged during their time at Loyola College. Tears would shortly follow as students gathered to open up the time capsules they had left for themselves some six years ago during their Year 7 commencement weeks.

To conclude, our Class of 2023 would take part in the Year 12 Graduation Mass & Ceremony. Gathered with their loved ones, our cohort would take a few final moments to reflect on their secondary school journey, give thanks for their blessings, and seek guidance for their future endeavours.

College Captains Wesley Mills and Celeste Murone delivered a heartfelt Valedictory Address, encapsulating the collective sentiments of the Class of 2023. They celebrated the unity, resilience, and growth that had characterized their time at Loyola College and left their peers with a powerful message of empowerment, urging them to embrace the future with courage, determination, and a spirit of service to others.

As we bid farewell to our Class of 2023, we are inspired by their achievements and the legacy they leave behind them. We know that their time with us has equipped them with not only knowledge, but the values of compassion, leadership and a commitment to excellence.

Congratulations and farewell, Class of 2023!