30 May 2024

Pathways & Possibilities

Loyola College is proud to offer a broad and diverse Senior Program for students across Years 10-12 including a number of study and subject options within VCE, VCE-VM and VET.

Yesterday we spent some time with Year 11 students undertaking external studies in Electrotechnology, Carpentry and Plumbing (via the Northern Melbourne VET Cluster).

Vocational Education and Training (VET) refers to enhanced studies which enables a secondary student to combine their VCE or VCE VM studies with vocational training. They are Certificate Courses, some of which can also count as VCE subjects and can contribute to a student’s ATAR at Unit 3/4 level. VET courses offer students the opportunity to:

  • Combine general and vocational studies
  • Explore career options and pathways
  • Undertake applied learning in an adult learning environment
  • Gain a nationally recognised qualification or credit towards a qualification that contributes to satisfactory completion of the VCE or VCE VM.

For more information regarding Senior Programs offered at Loyola, please contact the College explore our Senior Programs Handbook online.

Click Here to Read our 2024 Senior Programs Handbook