Loyola College is a community of students, parents and staff that strives to provide a holistic education that meets the needs and develops the gifts of each student. Loyola College strives to offer the best possible education for each student. The College community encourages all students to adopt a holistic approach to all dimensions of their education, including involvement in the classroom curriculum, the co-curriculum program and community activities.

Loyola College recognises and encourages students who strive for excellence in a wide range of disciplines. The College believes it is important that students develop:

  • skills of creativity
  • a spirit of enquiry
  • self discipline
  • critical awareness
  • a sense of community
  • skills in leadership
  • a desire for academic excellence

Loyola College endeavours to support students through the implementation of a Scholarship Program. The Scholarship Program recognises and acknowledges students who take responsibility for, and are proactive, in the development of their own education.

Scholarships are awarded to the value of $1000 as a deduction from school fees in the following years.

Any students currently in Year 8-11 interested in applying must follow the Scholarship Application Procedure.

Applications for Scholarships in 2025 are Currently Closed

LPFA Elite Performance Grant

The Loyola Friends and Parents Association (LPFA), generously support young achievers in their pursuit of elite Sport or Performing Arts each year at the College. Students are given the opportunity to apply for a grant of up to $500.00 to put towards their travel expenses and costs for major competition in which they are competing. Students can apply for this grant at any time of the year. There are four sporting grants available.

For more information about this grant please contact the College.