Ignatian Newsletter: 2024 - Edition #1

Ignatian Newsletter

Principal's Report

Written by
Alison Leutchford
Acting Principal

Students have started back at Loyola this week. There has been a great buzz in the air. I would like to formally welcome back all students, especially our new students, and their families.

New Staff

We have appointed several new staff members, and I would like to take the opportunity to introduce them to our school community.

In the teaching space, we have appointed the following teachers:

Iva Belfiore (English)

Stephen Brasier (English & RE)

Joshua Brant (Drama & Dance)

Natalie Buser (English & History)

Bethany Casamento (Mathematics)

Susan Driessen (Head of MacKillop House)

Yolanda Forster (English & Humanities)

Ashley Johnson (Humanities)

Maria Liuzzi-Scapelli (Italian)

Kirsty McBean (Science & Maths)

Alasdair O’Brien (Mathematics)

Alessia Petruzza (Italian)

Leonie Rizzi (Music)

Joshua Sicari (Physical Education)

Adrian Stojokvich (Design Technology & Visual Arts)

Natalie Taylor (Religious Education)

Susan Varghese (Chemistry and Science)

Anna Yarrovi (Mathematics)

Natalie Zrimsek (Science)

The following members of Support Staff have also joined our community:

CJ McLeod (Performing Arts Assistant)

Amy Freeman (First Aid Assistant)

Josian Gazsik (Learning Support Officer)

Mark Goy (Counsellor)

Eoin Rodden (AFL Trainee – STEM)

Ourania Rossi (Canteen Assistant)

Megan Soong (Archivist)

Charlie Stute (Woodwork Trainee)

Sandra Wilson (Venue Hire Coordinator)

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Centre

Building of the new STEM facility is set to commence in coming weeks. The building site has been secured and the builders are doing their preliminary planning. Several of our classrooms will not be accessible for the duration of the project and as such we have seven portables on campus for the next twelve months. This new building will sit between the MacKillop building and the iCentre and will support our work in developing critical thinkers, problem- solvers, initiative, teamwork, and creativity.

Commencement Bulletin

Earlier this week, parents were emailed a Commencement Bulletin. This bulletin contains important information and dates for term one, 2024. We are hoping that parents save this document and refer to it throughout the term. We appreciate that parents are busy, and we are trying to minimise the number of emails forwarded to parents. By giving our families this information ahead of time, we are hoping that people can plan and get a sense of what is coming.

Parent Drop-Off Zone

The Grimshaw Street drop – off zone has had an upgrade. The newly painted lines clearly mark where parents may stop and where they are to drive through. We ask that parents are respectful of each other and abide by these expectations. It is important that we keep all students safe. We also want to keep the traffic flowing to allow parents to more through the zone quickly and efficiently. Thank you in anticipation of your support.

I wish all students well as we commence the new year. Students are encouraged to make the most of the opportunities on offer at the College. A new year is a time to try new things and make new connections.

Ignatian Mission & Identity

College Theme for 2024 – Accompany and Learn from Each Other

The College Theme for this year is Accompany and Learn from Each Other. This theme is a quote that is attributed to St Ignatius of Loyola. Jesuits and the wider Catholic Church embrace the notion of accompaniment – we see this in the Gospels on The Road to Emmaus which is an invitation for us to journey with Christ, to seek understanding in the scriptures, to recognise Him in the breaking of bread, and to be attentive to His presence in the ordinary moments of life – by extension, to find God in all things.

Ignatius left us with a legacy that emphasises the transformative power of companionship and mutual learning. His teachings encourage us to recognise the inherent dignity and potential in every individual, fostering a community where each member supports and enriches the lives of others. In the educational setting, this principle holds immeasurable value.

In the spirit of our Ignatian charism, let us create an environment where curiosity thrives, where questions are valued, and where the exchange of ideas becomes a collaborative and open space for dialogue and learning. In doing so, we contribute to the formation of well-rounded individuals capable of engaging with the world critically and compassionately.

The wisdom of Saint Ignatius beckons us to embrace the transformative power of companionship and mutual learning. As we accompany and learn from each other, we not only enrich our own lives but contribute to the vibrant tapestry of our school community. Let us commit to fostering an environment where every member is valued, where the exchange of knowledge is a dynamic and reciprocal process, and where the spirit of Ignatian values guides us in our shared pursuit of excellence in education.

I sincerely wish to thank Olivia Lawson (12/XBAM) and Ms Julia O’Brien for their hours of work in designing our banner for this year – we can see the spirit of our school students being on a journey together, walking on a path that is undulating, meaning that unexpected challenges may arise that we can overcome if we accompany and learn from each other. It also shows the openness and diversity within our community.

Together, let us embark on this journey of accompaniment and learning, shaping the future for our students and our community.

2024 College Theme Banner
2024 College Theme: Accompany and Learn from Each Other

Welcome to 2024

On Tuesday this week, the staff came together for the Opening Year Staff Mass, celebrated by Fr. Gerry Healy SJ. As we welcome our new students and the Year 7s, and as Year 12 embark on their journey this year with their senior studies, the pins that they will wear on their blazers were blessed by Fr. Gerry. These pins will be presented to our students this term in assembly. We welcome all of our students back for the new academic year and wish them all the very best with their studies.

2024 Loyola College Staff Opening Mass
2024 Loyola College Staff Opening Mass

Teaching & Learning

Welcome back to all our returning students, and to those students who are new to the school this year. We are all looking forward to working with parents/guardians and your children in 2023. We have many new positive and exciting initiatives.

Companion Learning (the Loyola College Learning Management System)

This year Parents and Students will continue to have online access to resources, class pages, assessment calendars and to their teachers for every class. They will also be able to access their timetable and the College calendar. Please ask your child to show you their ‘Companion Learning’ page.

Heads of Learning in 2024

This year we will continue to keep our community fully informed of the learning that occurs at Loyola College. There will also be important information for you to digest concerning the different activities affecting each year level. I would like to introduce you to our Heads of Learning, important curriculum leaders who can assist you throughout the year:

• Adam Calderone: Deputy Principal – Ignatian Mission and Identity / Head of Religious Education

• Jacob Gasparini: Head of English (Term 1 & 4)

• Tim Moore: Head of English (Term 2 & 3)

• Anthony Lynch: Head of Mathematics

• Mathew Lee: Head of Science

• Elizabeth Gartland: Acting Head of Design and Technology (until Term 2)

• Lisa Saltalamacchia: Acting Head of Humanities

• David Ferrante: Head of Health and Physical Education

• Jason van Leest: Head of Languages

• Matthew Thomas: Head of Performing Arts

• Jacqueline Di Stefano: Head of Visual Arts

• Hayden Langford: Head of VCE VM

• Dinh Tran: Head of Technology

• Lisa Bosco: Head of Learning Pathways

Please do not hesitate to contact any of the Heads of Learning with any curriculum questions.

Loyola College Homework Guidelines

We encourage our students to set goals and work towards achieving them. They should always aim high and not be prepared to accept mediocrity. Homework is an important element of supporting the learning that occurs at the College. The College expectation for the first two weeks of 2023 academic year is that Year 7 students do not receive homework. However, Years 8 – 12 will receive homework from their first day.

We ask that parents and guardians fully support their children and assist them in completing all set homework. The Loyola College recommended guidelines for homework are as follows:

Year LevelTotal mins
 per night
Structure of 
HW time
Total hours 
HW per week
7605 days x 605
8805 days x 807
91005 days x 1008.5
10120+5 days x 12010+
11150+5 days x 15015+
12180+5 days x 18018+

2023 VCE Results
All our Year 12 students last year are to be congratulated on completing their VCE/VCE VM Certificate in 2023. Their results were outstanding and reflected all their dedication and the hard work they had put in during the year. Our Dux, Pio Abi Raad, achieved an ATAR of 97.3 and Gabrielle Liew was our Proxime with an ATAR score of 94.2.

Y12 Destinations 2023/2024

The following chart provides an overview of our Year 12 post Loyola destinations. We wish everyone great success in their future endeavours.

2023 Loyola College Year 12 Destination Data

2023 Semester Two Merit Certificates
Congratulations to all students who received Semester Two Merit certificates. Merit awards are given to students who perform at a high level. Awards are based on the student’s overall result for each subject. A student will receive a Gold merit award if they have achieved an overall subject result of A or A+. A student will receive a Silver merit award if they have achieved an overall subject result of B or B+.

Please click here for a full list of Year 7 – 11 students who received a total of four or more Gold Merits in Semester Two 2023. 

Box of Books
This academic year marks our first implementation of Box of Books, and while the majority of parents have experienced a seamless process, we recognize that some parents have encountered difficulties, and we sincerely appreciate your patience with this.
We are committed to rectifying any issues encountered during this initial phase and the College is actively working to address the challenges faced by some parents. We are implementing measures to ensure a smoother and more user-friendly experience moving forward.

As we look ahead to the academic year 2025, we are confident that the adjustments and enhancements we are making will lead to a more efficient and trouble-free experience for all parents involved. We appreciate your continued support and understanding as we strive to provide the best possible resources and tools for the education of our students.

If you have any specific concerns or feedback you would like to share, please feel free to reach out to Mr Tran at trand@loyola.vic.edu.au

VCAA Unit 3 and 4 Special Examination Arrangements (SEA) for 2024

Written by
Dominic Denton
Year 10-12 Programs Coordinator

SEA applications may be approved for students with disabilities, illnesses or other circumstances that affect their ability to access a Unit 3 and 4 VCE external assessment. 

SEA applications are made to the VCAA through Loyola College. The Student Services Department is aware of some students who may be eligible to apply and I will work with them to start the application process which will be completed in Term One 2024. The SEA applications are only for students studying a Unit 3 and 4 VCE subject, so if you think that your son/daughter may be eligible please contact me to discuss. Further details about SEA is available at the following VCAA website: vcaa.vic.edu.au%2Fadministration%2Fspecial-provision%2FPages%2FSpecialExaminationArrangements.aspx&data=05%7C02%7Cignatian%40loyola.vic.edu.au%7C4fa5fdac98f046d5692e08dc206ea3bf%7C3562235075c44c4da9cf0e7f5ed6b710%7C0%7C0%7C638420906756345682%7CUnknown%7CTWFpbGZsb3d8eyJWIjoiMC4wLjAwMDAiLCJQIjoiV2luMzIiLCJBTiI6Ik1haWwiLCJXVCI6Mn0%3D%7C0%7C%7C%7C&sdata=vHQugTCt%2Bn%2B6dosPdY0fOFRYRQWpTQhoXqWc1Jf2MRA%3D&reserved=0" target="_blank">Pages - Special examination arrangements for VCE external assessments (vcaa.vic.edu.au).

2024 Co-curriculum Program

Written by
Shannon Staub
Head of Co-curriculum

The College’s Co-Curriculum program supports and encourages active learning beyond the classroom and subject curricula. Our program is stronger than ever this year, with approximately 60 activities on offer, including some new activities such as Gardening Club, Coffee Club, Football (Soccer) Coaching and Dance and Drama Club. All activities run outside of class time, including before and after school and lunchtimes.

Students are invited to immerse themselves fully in the Co-curriculum Program to enrich the scope of their learning and experiences at the College and to make new friends. All Co-curriculum activities are supervised by members of teaching staff who act as patrons of individual activities, and our aim is to have some fun.

Students in Years 7 and 8 will attend a Co-curriculum Expo during class time on Thursday 15 February and all students are encouraged to sign up to new experiences, in our program.

One of the highlights of the College calendar is undoubtedly the most enthusiastically contested House Shield event of the year, the House Eisteddfod. In an entirely student-run event, each of the six Houses of Loyola College performs a 12-minute act that encompassed singing, drama and dancing. All students from Years 7-12 are invited to be part of this fantastic Co-curricular activity.

With the exception of Activities Week, rehearsals commence after school on Friday 2 February and run each Friday afternoon, from 3:30pm to 5:30pm. All rehearsals are supervised fully by members of teaching staff and performance night is Tuesday 26 March.

All students are welcome, and especially Year 7s, who will have a wonderful opportunity to meet new friends and get to know other students in their House a little better.

May the best House win!

House-Eisteddfod-Competition.jpg" data-image="23631" alt="2024 Loyola College House Eisteddfod" width="516" height="696">

ICT News

Written by
Victor Dalla-Vecchia
ICT Manager

Digital Devices Program

The purpose of digital devices is to give students access to the Internet, webmail and Companion Learning (LMS), which allows students to submit homework/assessments online. Students are also able to use printing services and access work from and save work to their 1 Tb Office 365/One Drive for Business Cloud space from their Drives tab on the LMS.

Digital Devices for Years 7 – 9 students

Year 7, 8 and 9 students are only permitted to have a Microsoft Surface Laptop. Devices must be purchased from the mandated supplier, Centorrino Technologies (ct.com.au/Loyola), which processes warranty and accidental damage claims on Microsoft’s behalf. The software on these devices is managed by the ICT Department and includes the System Bundle:

o InTune Mobile Device Management

o FortiClient anti-virus

o Microsoft Office 365

o Adobe Create Cloud

Please note: Microsoft, under its Terms and Conditions, enforces a $110 (incl. GST) charge for every claim made for Accidental Damage, and it also enforces a strict interpretation of what constitutes ‘accidental damage’. Intentional damage is not covered under the terms of Microsoft’s policy, which includes engraving the student’s name on the laptop. A sticky label could be used, instead. Note that ownership of the device is identified by the device’s serial number.

• Digital devices for Years 10 – 12 students

Year 10 to 12 students are required to use an approved digital device (Choose Your Own Device, CYOD) from the following list:


• Windows Notebook or Surface Device

• Windows 10 or later

• Core i5 Processor or greater

• Minimum 8Gb Memory (RAM)

• Wireless Network Card with AC (5Ghz)


• Apple Macbook (VA students) or Macbook Air (not recommended for Visual Arts students, unless it has the M2/3 chip)

• Apple OSX Mavericks or later

• Core i8 Processor or greater

• Minimum 8Gb Memory (RAM)

• 2013 model or later

Note that Android and Linux devices / operating systems are not supported on the College’s ICT infrastructure.

Recommendations for CYOD

Anti-Virus: This should be installed and kept up to date. Parents/guardians who are interested in purchasing FortiClient Anti-Virus and Web Filtering (same technology that is deployed in Years 7 to 9 devices), are asked to register their interest with the ICT Helpdesk (iCentre-ICT@loyola.vic.edu.au).

Warranty/Care: It is highly recommended that the device is maintained under warranty and that consideration is also given to protecting the device from physical damage.

Support: Please bear in mind that as the device is parent owned, Loyola College is not responsible for diagnosing hardware issues with the device, repairing the device or replacing the device should it be lost or destroyed.

Note that parents/guardians are responsible for dealing with any warranty/damage issues with the device.

Microsoft Office 365 (www.office.com) and Adobe Creative Cloud (www.adobe.com) licences are provided by Loyola College, linked to each student’s Loyola email address. The ICT Helpdesk (iCentre-ICT@loyola.vic.edu.au) can provide Office and Adobe application support for your device.

For ICT Support, email iCentre-ICT@loyola.vic.edu.au.

Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) Assistance

Written by
Darrin Day
Business Manager

The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) offered by the Victorian Government to assist eligible families by reducing the costs of school trips, camps and sporting activities, included in the Loyola fees, has been increased to $250 annually.

Families that hold a valid means-tested concession card such as a Health Care Card or Pension Card, temporary foster parents as well as asylum seeker and refugee families may be eligible for the CSEF payment.

Please click here to access the CSEF application form or contact the school office to obtain a copy. For queries regarding eligibility, contact our Finance Department on 9433 0752.

Thank you.

Community Engagement


A warm welcome to all Loyola families, particularly to the 272 new students and their families - both new and existing - joining our community in 2024. We look forward to sharing many exciting events and initiatives throughout the year to connect our community with the College.

Throughout Term 1 there will be various events to welcome our new students, including the College Assembly where our Year 7 and Year 12 students will be formally acknowledged.

Year 7 Picnic

Year 7 students and their families had the lovely experience of sharing a picnic lunch with their families on the first day of school, January 31. It was lovely to see parents, carers, grandparents and siblings enjoy the beautiful weather in our wonderful Old Loyola gardens and to watch the sharing of “first day” experiences, the reuniting of existing primary school connections and the formation of new friendships. Thank you to the PWP and LPFA members who joined us to welcome our families to the school year.

Morning Tours 2024

Morning Tours for 2024 take place from 9:15am – 11:00am on the following dates:

Monday 20 February

Wednesday 20 March

Wednesday 5 June

Thursday 25 July

Friday 30 August

Tuesday 17 September

Thursday 10 October

Friday 8 November

Please visit the College website at www.loyola.vic.edu.au to book a tour.

2024 Loyola College Tour Dates

Parent Involvement at Loyola

There are many opportunities for parents to be involved in various aspects of College life. Studies indicate that parental involvement in a child’s education is one of the most important factors in raising a student’s self-esteem and academic achievement by nurturing an environment of partnership between home and school. A number of volunteer opportunities are available to Loyola parents including various committees such as Loyola Parents & Friends Association (LPFA), Partnership with Parents (PWP), Loyola College Alumni Association (LCAA), Friends of Performing Arts (FOPA), Co-curriculum Reference Group (CRG), Development of Welfare at Loyola (DOWAL), Development of Curriculum at Loyola (DOCAL) and PACUR (Principal’s Advisory Committee for Uniform Regulations (PACUR).

Other vital areas in which we encourage parent involvement are Working Bees, Hospitality Assistance, Canteen Duty, Mail Out Group, and Donations for Fundraising Activities. Parents interested in learning more about any of the opportunities mentioned can contact me on 9433 0228 or at community@loyola.vic.edu.au

I look forward to meeting with parents and working together throughout this year.

Community News

2024 Loyola College Music Program

LCAA 2024 Classic Car Show