Ignatian Newsletter: 2024 - Edition #5

Ignatian Newsletter

Principal's Report

Written by
Alison Leutchford
Acting Principal

End of Term One

As we approach the Easter holiday, I want to take a moment to wish each one of our families a happy and safe holiday. Easter is a time for reflection, renewal, and hope, and it is my hope that families find joy and peace at this special time. Easter is a celebration of new beginnings, and I encourage students to take the opportunity to reflect on the past term and to set new goals. Whether it is personal or academic, Easter is a time to focus on positive change and growth.

We have had a successful Term One, filled with academic achievements, co-curricular and community activities. I would like to express my gratitude to the various members of our community who through their hard work, dedication and commitment to the Loyola community have provided such a wide range of experiences for our students.

Students in Years 7 and 9 have now completed their 2024 NAPLAN testing. I thank Mrs Kathryn Wilson, Deputy Principal, Teaching and Learning, for her organisation of this huge undertaking. The testing proceeded smoothly, attendance was strong, and we look forward to receiving the feedback from this testing period.

NAPLAN is a point-in-time assessment, that allows parents and schools to see how students are progressing in literacy and numeracy, against the national standard and compared with their peers throughout Australia. The data from NAPLAN is one of the tools that teachers use to understand our students’ progress and plan for their teaching and learning.

House Eisteddfod
On Tuesday 26 March, our six Houses took to the stage to “battle it out” in our annual House Eisteddfod. Each House performance was of an amazing standard and the energy and enthusiasm on stage was palpable. Congratulations to Flynn House for achieving first place with their production of School of Rock.

Involvement in activities such as House Eisteddfod provide students with the opportunity to build social connection, foster leadership, work as a team, build communication skills and learn time management. Additionally, students are given the chance to explore their passions, discover hidden talents, try something new and develop a well-rounded perspective on life. Parents are encouraged to have a conversation with students around the co-curriculum opportunities at the College, as these opportunities develop the whole person.

Thank you to Mrs Shannon Staub, Head of Co-curriculum, for her coordination of this highly successful event. I also thank the Friends of Performing Arts (FOPA) for their organisation of both the sausage sizzle and the raffle. FOPA are full of energy and drive, and we are grateful for their contribution to our community.

Year 7 Family Get Together
The Loyola Parents and Friends Association (LPFA) organised the annual Year 7 family get together on Friday 15 March. Over three hundred people were in attendance. Families enjoyed pizza, ice-cream, great conversation and the opportunity to participate in Mr Luczek’s Loyola trivia competition! There was a great buzz in the room as parents learnt more about Loyola, made connections and shared stories. Thanks to the LPFA for their organisation of this evening.

Blessing and Groundbreaking
After much preparation time, the College is finally ready to commence building our new STEM facility. Newton Manor have been engaged as our builders and architects ClarkeHopkinsClarke will support Loyola in the management of the building project.

On Tuesday 19 March, the College hosted a Blessing and Groundbreaking ceremony. This event marked a significant leap forward for Loyola students in the world of Science and Technology.
Groundbreaking ceremonies are not just about physical construction, they symbolise breaking boundaries and shattering limitations. The facility aims to revolutionise scientific education in our community- Science, Maths, Systems Technology, Digital Design and Communication, as well as emerging technologies such robotics and coding, will all be revitalised and transformed in this new and contemporary learning space.

This new centre will link the MacKillop Building to the iCentre. It will be a hub to unite our STEM disciplines and a catalyst to reimagine our teaching. The powerful combination of thoughtful programs, effective teaching and deliberately designed academic spaces will endeavour to shape Loyola students into creative problem solvers and highly effective critical thinkers.

Through their learning and experience in this new facility, we hope our students will become world citizens prepared to orchestrate positive change throughout the world – this is indeed what it means to be educated in an Ignatian tradition – we grow the gifts and talents of our students and then empower them to use their gifts in the service of others.

Ignatian Mission and Identity

Written by
Adam Calderone
Deputy Principal, Ignatian Mission and Identity

Easter Blessings

As we approach the joyful season of Easter, it's a time for us to reflect on the message of hope that it brings to our lives. Easter is not just about chocolate and eggs, but it carries profound significance, especially in the context of hope and renewal.

At its core, Easter commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, marking a pivotal moment in Christian faith. It's a time of profound spiritual significance, symbolising the triumph of light over darkness, hope over despair, and life over death.

In a world that often feels burdened by challenges and uncertainties, the message of Easter serves as a beacon of hope. It reminds us that even in our darkest moments, there is the promise of renewal and redemption. Easter reminds us that new beginnings are always possible.

This message of hope is especially relevant in our current times, as we navigate through unprecedented global challenges. From the ongoing pandemic to social and economic upheavals, many of us have faced hardships and uncertainties. Yet, Easter reminds us to hold onto hope, to believe in the possibility of brighter days ahead.

As we celebrate Easter, let's not only focus on the festivities but also take a moment to reflect on the profound message it carries. Let's embrace the spirit of hope, spreading kindness, compassion, and love to those around us. Let's support each other, lift each other up, and strive to create a world where hope flourishes.

Easter reminds us that there is always hope. It's a reminder that no matter how challenging our circumstances may be, there is always the possibility of renewal and transformation. So, as we gather with our loved ones to celebrate Easter, let's cherish the message of hope it brings and carry it with us throughout the year ahead.

Wishing you all a blessed and hopeful Easter season.

Ignatian 2024: Edition #5 Easter Blessinigs

Caritas Project Compassion

I wish to thank the many contributors to our Term 1 Caritas Project Compassion fundraiser. Whilst the final total is still be counted, we can rest in the knowledge that all funds raised will be directly given to people in need around the world and in Australia. Our generosity, even in these tough economic times, makes life just that little bit easier for those at the margins of society and certainly less fortunate than ourselves.

Ignatian 2024: Edition #5 Caritas Project Compassion

Catholic Education Week

The Christian Service Captains and Vice Captains were fortunate to travel to the annual Catholic Education Week Mass and Speakers Colloquium at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral and East Melbourne last week, along with many of the Catholic primary and secondary schools in the archdiocese. It was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the Eucharist and then hear from students in Year 12 from a variety of schools about their faith journeys and experiences at World Youth Day in Lisbon last year. I wish to thank Sister Nelia Llanto and Mr John Tran for accompanying the students and myself to these wonderful events.

Ignatian 2024: Edition #5 Catholic Education Week Mass March 2024

Easter Masses

Please find below the details for mass services during Holy Week at our various local parishes:

St Martin of Tours, Rosanna



NIGHT WATCH- 9.00 PM-10.00 PM

GOOD FRIDAY, 29th March




7.30 PM


8.00am & 10.00 am

Our Lady of the Way, Kingsbury

Holy Thursday Mass and Adoration, 28th March


Good Friday Service, 29th March

10.00am: Stations of the Cross

Holy Saturday Service, 30th March

7.30-9.00pm   Easter Vigil

Easter Sunday Service, 31st March

9.00am Mass

St Mary’s, Greensborough, St Thomas the Apostle, Greensborough North and Sacred Heart, Diamond Creek


NO morning Mass

St Mary’s: 7:30 pm Mass of the Lord’s Supper

St Thomas: 6:30 pm Mass of the Lord’s Supper

(St Mary’s & St Thomas -Prayer before Altar of Repose after Mass Concluding with Night Prayer at 9:30 pm)


NO morning Mass

St Thomas: 11:00 am Ecumenical Stations of the Cross (Combined local Churches)

St Mary’s: 3:00 pm Celebration of the Lord’s Passion

Sacred Heart: 3:00 pm Celebration of the Lord’s Passion


St Mary’s: 10:00 am Morning Prayer


St Mary’s: 6:30 pm Service of Light outside the Church (weather permitting)

Sacred Heart : 7:30 pm Service of Light outside the Church (weather permitting)


Sacred Heart: 9:00am

St. Mary’s: 8:00 am & 10:00 am NO 5:00 pm

St. Thomas: 10:30 am

St Damian’s, Bundoora








6:30 PM EASTER VIGIL (N0 MASS at 5:30 pm)

(Blessing of Fire and Paschal Candle ceremony in front of the Church)


8:00 AM & 10:00 AM MASSES

St Francis of Assisi, Mill Park



NIGHT WATCH- in the chapel, concluding with night prayer at 11.50 pm

GOOD FRIDAY, 29th March

   - COMMUNITY STATIONS OF THE CROSS-9.30 AM – gather in school car park



5.00 pm and 8.00 pm


9.00 am,10.30am & 5.00 pm

St Francis Xavier, Montmorency and Our Lady Help of Christians, Eltham

Holy Thursday, 28th March

Mass of the Lord’s Supper 7pm @ SFX, Montmorency

Good Friday, 29th March

The Way of the Cross 11am @ OLHC, Eltham

The Passion of Our Lord 3pm @ OLHC, Eltham

Holy Saturday, 30th March

Blessing of the Food 5pm @ SFX, Montmorency

Vigil of the Resurrection 7:30pm @ SFX, Montmorency

Easter Sunday, 31st March

Dawn Vigil of the Resurrection 6am @ OLHC, Eltham

Easter Mass 8:30am @ SFX, Montmorency

Easter Mass 10am @ OLHC, Eltham

Ignatian 2024: Edition #5 Ignatian Mission & Identity Easter Message

Teaching & Learning

Written by
Kathryn Wilson
Deputy Principal, Teaching and Learning

As we approach the end of term, I would like to take a moment to highlight the slight change we have implemented regarding our reporting system and Parent-Teacher Interviews (PTIs).

This term has presented unique challenges with a relatively short term alongside our usual Activities Week. In light of this, we have made adjustments to our reporting process and PTIs to ensure that we provide you with comprehensive feedback on your child's progress while accommodating these changes effectively.

Reports will be available to parents / carers through the portal from 22 April.

ALL (both interim and end of Semester) reports will only be available for you online.
Therefore, I would suggest that you either print a hard copy or save the report as a PDF if you would like to refer to it during your Parent-Teacher Interviews.

Parent-Teacher Interviews (PTIs):
Our first Parent-Teacher Interviews for 2024 will take place when we return in Term Two.

The purpose of these Interviews is to discuss the learning that has occurred in Term One and, in particular, look at the academic successes and challenges that your child may have encountered so far this year.

Dates and Times:
• Wednesday 15 May: 5pm to 8pm (online)
• Thursday 16 May: 2pm to 8:30pm (face-to-face)
In response to parent feedback, Year 12 parents will get earlier access to bookings (as Year 7 parents did on Mentor Conversations evening).


• Open Wednesday 1 May at 7pm (Year 12)
• Open Thursday 2 May at 7pm (Years 7-11)
• Close Tuesday 14 May at 1pm (Years 7-12)


Locations of face-to-face interviews will be confirmed in Term Two.

Appointments will last for 7 minutes with 2 minutes provided for movement from one appointment to another.
If the occasion arises whereby parents / carers miss the 2-week window, then they are asked to contact staff directly. Please do not ask staff in reception to book appointments for you.

Revised School Times:
As a result of the Parent-Teacher Interviews (PTIs) the adjusted timings of the school day can be found below. As you can see, there will be an early finish on Wednesday 15 May and a student free day on Thursday 16 May.

Wednesday 15 May (online)
• 8:25am – 1:15pm: periods 1 to 4
• 5:00pm – 8:00pm: Parent-Teacher Interviews

Thursday 16 May (face-to-face)

• 2:00pm – 8:30pm: Parent-Teacher Interviews

How You Can Prepare: As we approach the scheduled PTIs, I encourage you to take some time to reflect on your child's academic journey so far this year. Consider any questions or concerns you may have regarding their progress, as these PTIs provide an invaluable opportunity to address them directly with your child's teachers.

NAPLAN 2024:

I would like to congratulate all our Year 7 and 9 students for successfully completing their NAPLAN tests last week. The students’ attitude and dedication were exemplary and hopefully the hard work and effort pays off when we receive the results later in the year. Whether our students achieve their desired score or not, taking these tests is a significant accomplishment in itself. We must remember that this is only one step in the students’ journey, and there will be many more challenges ahead.

Student Report:
As a result of the changes to reporting, parents and carers will receive earlier, simpler and clearer information about their child’s NAPLAN achievement. Reports will be easier to read and will provide clearer information about how a student is progressing.

The numerical NAPLAN bands and the national minimum standard will be replaced by four levels of achievement. These will give teachers and parents better information about what a student can do.

Levels of Achievement:
• Exceeding
• Strong
• Developing
• Needs Additional Support

For more information, please refer to theNAPLAN website.

School Attendance: Every Day Counts

Written by
Jacqueline Salamon
Director of Students

We all want our students to get a great education, and the building blocks for a great education begin with students coming to school each and every day.

Missing school can have a major impact on a child’s future – a student missing one day a fortnight will miss four full weeks by the end of the year. By Year 10 they’ll have missed more than a year of school.

There is no safe number of days for missing school – each day a student misses puts them behind, and can affect their educational outcomes.

Coming to school every day is vital, but if for any reason your child must miss school, there are things we can do together:

• Contact Mentor, Head of House or Reception to inform them of the absence 

              o Failure to do so will result in an unexplained absence.

Students can receive 5 unexplained absences per calendar year before the College has to report the absences to our governing body, MACS. Parents can receive a fine for not sending students to school without an acceptable reason.

• Ask your child to contact the teachers of that day to find out what work was missed / look at the LMS class page

Remember, every day counts. If your child must miss school, speak with your child’s Mentor teacher or Head of House as early as possible.

If you’re having attendance issues with your child, please let your child’s Mentor or Head of House know so we can work together to get your child to school every day.

Ignatian 2024: Edition #5 Director of Students - School Attendance

Year 11 Christian Service - Activities Week

Written by
James McIlroy
Head of Ignatian Service

“Show me your faith without deeds, and I will show you my faith by my deeds.” James 2: 19

The 2024 Christian Service Program gave our Year 11 students the opportunity to serve in various welfare, educational and environmental organisations during Activities Week. We have received many reports of praise for the efforts of our students who were placed in over 63 placement locations mainly around the northern suburbs of Melbourne. 

Some of our students engaged with the elderly in aged care facilities, playing games, singing, or simply talking to the residents. Many also supported teachers and students in local primary schools and disability education centres of learning. Our students also served in Op Shops, Neighbourhood Houses and with different community organisations that help people in need.  Our students and their parents are to be congratulated on the way they represented themselves and the College in this week of service. 

The following weeks in Religious Education classes will be a time of reflection, sharing and linking their works of service to Catholic Social Teaching and Gospel teachings on social justice. 

I would like to thank the dedicated work of our staff in communicating with placements, allocating students and liaising with supervisors during the week of placements. I am also very grateful for the support of parents who worked with the College in making sure the students were able to travel to their locations, complete relevant documentation and share necessary information during the program. Thank you to our Year 11 Religious Education teachers who have been working with our students to prepare and centre into a mindset of service for others. 

I am also thankful to our wonderful students who demonstrated great character, grace, generosity, and initiative during their week of work.

Catholic Education Week Creative Arts Exhibition 2024

Written by
Jacqueline Di Stefano
Head of Visual Arts

Acting Principal, Alison Leutchford and I had the privilege of attending the Catholic Education Week Creative Arts Exhibition on Sunday, 17 March, 2024. 

Amongst the array of incredibly talented students from Catholic Schools around Melbourne, were our very own Mackenzie Lavender 12FHPL and Olivia Lawson 12XBAM. Their artwork received plenty of accolades from visitors. Congratulations to Olivia and Mackenzie for having their work chosen to be part of the event.

Cultural Diversity

Written by
Fotini Veis
Acting Wellbeing and Personal Development Coordintor

Cultural diversity encompasses the variety of cultures, beliefs, and traditions present globally, contributing to a rich tapestry of human experiences and perspectives. By valuing every child's cultural background, we enable them to excel in all facets of life. Nurturing an environment of curiosity, open-mindedness, and respect for all cultures will not only promote unity, but also foster a deeper appreciation of the nuances that distinguish us.

Inclusion is about more than just words; it's about fostering a sense of belonging and acceptance for every child, regardless of their cultural background. When children and adolescents feel seen and valued for who they are, they can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. Valuing and understanding cultural diversity helps our communities benefit from a wealth of perspectives and experiences, enhancing our collective capacity for empathy and innovation.

As parents and adult carers, we appreciate that instilling an appreciation for cultural diversity is vital to equip young people with the tools they need to navigate an increasingly interconnected world. Through leading by example and showing that kindness and understanding knows no boundaries, we can encourage them to embrace multiculturalism. This will not only prepare young people for personal success, but also for contributing to a world that views diversity as a strength. Through collective efforts, we can help pave the way for a more accepting and vibrant future.

In this edition of SchoolTV, learn how best to embrace and celebrate cultural diversity with your children. We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this month’s edition, and we always welcome your feedback.

If you do have any concerns about the wellbeing of your child, please contact the school wellbeing team for further information or seek medical or professional help.

Here is the link to your Edition https://loyola.vic.schooltv.me...

Ignatian 2024: Edition #5 Cultural Diversity

Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) Assistance

Written by
Darrin Day
Business Manager


The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) offered by the Victorian Government to assist eligible families by reducing the costs of school trips, camps and sporting activities, included in the Loyola fees, has been increased to $250 annually.

Families that hold a valid means-tested concession card such as a Health Care Card or Pension Card, temporary foster parents as well as asylum seeker and refugee families may be eligible for the CSEF payment.

Please click here to access the CSEF application form or contact the school office to obtain a copy. For queries regarding eligibility, contact our Finance Department on 9433 0752.

ICT News

Written by
Victor Dalla-Vecchia
ICT Manager

Bringing your lost data Back to the Future

Sunday March 31 is World Backup Day (https://www.worldbackupday.com...). It is an opportunity to ask yourself whether you are doing enough to protect your data – school, personal, or business.

Backing up your data makes it faster and easier to restore your files if they become lost, stolen or compromised. So, to ensure your documents are secure it is vital to maintain a current backup.

Loyola College provides 1 Tb worth of OneDrive backup space for each student. But what about your home computers or phones?

The ACSC (https://www.cyber.gov.au/) has developed their ACSC Backup Quiz to test yourself on your knowledge about backups. You can also view their learning resources to understand how to back up your files and protect yourself from data theft or ransomware.

If you want to be able to restore lost data from your Backup in the Future, you need to be regularly backing it up now!

Ignatian 2024: Edition #5 Back to the future ICT News

Student Voice

Written by
Loyola College Committee

Hello parents, staff, students and the wider College community. My name is Andrew Harrison and I’m the 2024 intercultural captain. This year for Harmony Week, the FIRE Carrier team have come up with the theme of being “Present and Proud”. This came from the broader intention of acknowledging all communities, places and occasions where people gather and have their own culture, and the ways in which these cultures enrich our lives. Harmony Day is a chance to think about our role in fostering an inclusive culture. It is an opportunity to reach out to someone new in our community, or someone we don’t know so well, to acknowledge what unites rather than divides us, being proud of where we are.

This year's Harmony Week started off with an extended mentor activity on Monday where mentors created flags of what represented themselves. Not just ethnicity and background but also things that describe themselves as individuals. This activity made it so that students were able to think about who they were past their heritage, considering how they defined themselves through interests and lifestyles.

Following this activity, Harmony Day on Thursday (21st) offered a chance for people to dress in casual clothes, expressing themselves comfortably and casually for the day with a gold coin donation going towards Caritas. The assembly on this day introduced the school’s official acknowledgment of country and Harmony Week theme, which was followed by students saying prayers in the different languages offered at school, these being Italian, Indonesian, French and English. After this, the main part of the assembly commenced: the “Brush of Fame”. This consisted of myself and Jasmine Alcock (12FECG) having a conversation about what culture means to us and associated stories about that. While this was happening Ms Chamoun and Orlando Benzon Tuke (12KMLE) were creating live abstract portraits of us. Upon the conclusion of the assembly, various food stores were set up at lunch from which students could purchase products. These included a bubble tea truck, sausage sizzle, baked goods and more; students were able to celebrate Harmony Day with all proceeds going towards Caritas.

Thank you everyone for an amazing week.

Andrew Harrison, Intercultural Captain (12ASVS)

Student of the fortnight:

We would like to award the “Student of the Fortnight” to... Orlando Benzon Tuke (12KMLE)!!!

Orlando, your sense of involvement in the Harmony Day assembly to paint a live portrait in front of the entire school is extraordinary and requires a huge amount of confidence and initiative. We thank you for making this year's Harmony Day assembly memorable and we are truly grateful for your kindness and willingness to help others.

Ignatian 2024: Edition #5 Student Voice

    Andrew Harrison, Intercultural Captain 12ASVS          Orlando Benzon-Tuke 12KMLE

Community Engagement

Written by
Monica Agius
College & Community Engagement Assistant

Year 7 Family Get Together

It was great to see Loyola Companions Hall filled with some 80 excited Year 7 families who gathered to share an evening to get to know one another at the Year 7 Family Get Together earlier this month. The evening commenced with a welcome from Mrs Alison Leutchford (Acting Principal), Mr Mark Monteneri (LPFA President) and Mr Matthew Luczek (Director of College and Community Engagement), who also kept the crowd entertained with model building games and a Loyola Quiz. Parents had the opportunity to meet their child’s new friends and their parents; and the students had a great night socialising with their friends outside of school. Families also enjoyed a pizza dinner followed by choc tops for dessert. Thank you to the Loyola Parents and Friends Association (LPFA) who worked hard to ensure the evening was a great success.

Ignatian 2024: Edition #% Yr 7 Family Get Together (1)
Ignatian 2024: Edition #5 Yr 7 Family Get Together (2)

Homestays Required – Short Term Cultural Experience Visits

This year we are expecting 9 students from Liceo Malpighi in Bologna from 23 July – 11 August and 7 students from Jesus Good Shepherd School in the Philippines from 1- 15 September. We are currently looking for families to volunteer homestay accommodation for nine students aged 15-16 years during for the Italian student visit and seven students in September. Visiting students will shadow their host brother or sister at Loyola for the duration of the stay and host families may arrange outings for outside of school hours.
A dinner will be held to thank host families for their support of this program and for providing our visiting students with a rewarding experience prior to the conclusion of each visit.
Interested families can contact Monica Agius at community@loyola.vic.edu.au or 9433 0228 for more information.

Ignatian 2024: Edition #5 Community Engagement Italian Homestay flyer
Ignatian 2024: Edition #5 Community Engagement Philippines Homestay flyer

Upcoming Events
A reminder to parents that bookings for the Canapes with Class parent dinner and the Mother and Son breakfast, both to be held in May, open on Monday 15 April. Parents are encouraged to take note of this date to and secure their place at www.loyola.vic.edu.au/tickets at the following events:

Canapes with Class Parent Dinner

Ignatian 2024: Edition #5 Community Engagement Canapes with Class flyer

Tickets on sale Monday 15 April at 7Pm

Mother & Son Breakfast

Ignatian 2024: Edition #5 Community Engagement Mother & Son Breakfast

Tickets on sale Monday 15 April at 7PM

Elite Performance Grant

The Loyola Friends and Parents Association (LPFA), generously support young achievers in their pursuit of elite Sport or Performing Arts endeavours each year at the College. Students are given the opportunity to apply for a grant of up to $500.00 to put towards their travel expenses and costs for major competitions in which they are competing. Students can apply for this grant at any time of the year. There are four sporting grants available.
For more information about this grant please contact Monica Agius at community@loyola.vic.edu.au or 9433 0228.