Fees & Charges

A listing of fees for Years 7 to 12, including additional charges which may apply:

Year LevelTuition FeeeBook Levy
Year 7*$8,195$200
Year 8*$8,195$200
Year 9*$8,730$200
Year 10*$8.195-
Year 11*$8,370-
Year 12*$8,890-
Loyola College Alumni Association Fee (New Students)**$200
Annual Building Levy (Per Family)***$720

* Includes all tuition fees, subject levies, term levies, camps and retreats. It does not include the following: Building Levy, Music Tuition, Bus Fees, VET (Vocational Educational Training) charges, VCE Outdoor Education, specialist camps / excursions and the eBook Levy (Years 7-9).

** Compulsory Levy for life membership of Loyola College Alumni Association (LCAA) applies to all new students.

*** Building Levy applied per family, not per student. Compulsory component and not tax deductible.

For further information please refer to our full Fee Schedule document which can be accessed below.

Fee Schedule Information for Parents Fee Payment Arrangement Form Direct Debit Request Form Doreen-Loyola Bus Service CSEF Application Form Music Program Fees & Charges Policy