Ignatian Newsletter: 2024 - Edition #10

Ignatian Newsletter

Principal's Report

Written by
Alison Leutchford
Acting Principal

The end of Term Two is fast approaching. Before we arrive at the mid-year break, students have much in the way of assessment to complete.

Striving for the Magis

At assembly last week, I spoke to the students about striving for the magis. We use the word magis often in our community to mean “more” or “greater.” There is, however, a much deeper meaning and that is the idea of human excellence. We want our students to strive to do their best in all aspects of school life so that they meet their potential. I challenge students to avoid settling for mediocrity. Near enough is not good enough. They owe it to themselves to try their hardest, to find their gifts and talents and then consider how they might use these in the service of others.

It is so positive to see students taking advantage of the Maths Magis club. Equally, I commend our senior debaters on their participation and achievement in the Ethics Olympiad. Our Chess players performed exceptionally well in the recent ACS Chess competition. These students set themselves high standards and worked hard to do their absolute best.

I am disappointed when I see students not trying with their learning, not maximising their use of class time, not completing homework, or not submitting work on time. There is so much opportunity at our college and we want to students to make the most of all that is on offer. Our teachers are enthusiastic about learning and extremely willing to assist.

The word magis challenges all members of our community to strive for excellence, to be generous, to consider the universal good, to choose the harder option and to discern choices that will have a positive impact on our community.

I invite parents to discuss the idea of magis with their children to consider how it might impact the way they proceed at Loyola.

Holidays during term time

Increasingly we are receiving notification from parents intending to schedule holidays that extend into term time. When students miss school, they miss lessons and fall behind. There is a wide body of research on the relationship between school attendance and academic achievement, with some studies suggesting school attendance is the best predictor of academic achievement. We ask parents to prioritise learning and minimise the number of days missed. Please note that examinations missed or work not submitted due to a holiday absence will incur an assessment of zero.

Music in the Round

It was such a delight to attend the recent Music in the Round concert on Monday 3 June. The music highlighted a wide variety of instruments including trumpet, trombone, flute, saxophone, clarinet, voice, violin, strings, guitar, and percussion. Audience members thoroughly enjoyed the talents of our students and were in awe of the wide variety of opportunities on offer. We thank Mrs Jennifer Taylor (Head of Music), Mrs Antonella Dalla Vecchia (Performing Arts Assistant) and Mr Matthew Thomas (Head of Performing Arts) for their outstanding organisation of this event.

JACSA Interschool Sports Carnival

During the forthcoming school holidays, twenty of our best female athletes will compete again twenty athletics from St Ignatius College, Athelstone, Adelaide. The carnival involves netball, football, volleyball, and soccer. We wish our girls well in this tournament. Parents are encouraged to come along and show their support at the matches. We look forward to the competition and yet another opportunity to connect and build relationship with those in our JACSA network.

Timor Leste

We also wish Mia Russell (11CTJM) and Riley Pawloff (11CTJM) well as they represent Loyola on a Timor Leste immersion. Mia and Riley will be joining other students from our JACSA schools, visiting Dili, Railaco and Kasait. Most importantly, they will visit Colégio Santo Inácio de Loiola in Kasait . Over many years, Loyola College has generated funds to support this school which is now running and functioning as an excellent secondary college.

I wish all students and their families a restful break and look forward to working with the community again in Term Three.

Ignatian Mission and Identity

Written by
Adam Calderone
Deputy Principal, Ignatian Mission and Identity

The Long Walk Home

On Thursday 6 June, Loyola was proud to be able to host The Long Walk Home, in conjunction with three of our local feeder parish schools - St Martin of Tours, Rosanna; St Mary’s, Greensborough; and St Damian’s, Bundoora - as well as Fire Carrier representatives and staff from Parade College.

The day began with our Year 11 VCE VM students walking with the Year 6 students from the primary schools to Loyola, waving placards to promote reconciliation in solidarity with our Indigenous brothers and sisters. Following a smoking ceremony performed by the granddaughter of local elder Ian Hunter, students were treated to a talk from renowned ex-AFL player and Indigenous advocate Eddie Betts. Eddie spoke of his struggles with racism encountered throughout his life and spoke about how we could come together as a community to overcome injustice.

The day concluded with a barbecue lunch for our visitors that was prepared by our Year 12 VCE VM students and College chef Mr Alex Marinelli. I thank all students and staff involved in the successful running of this event and we look forward again to next year with great anticipation.

Ignatian 2024: Edition #10 Ignatian Mission & Identity Eddie Betts

Visits to Islamic Museum and Jewish Holocaust Museum

Last week, our Year 8 cohort visited the Islamic Museum as part of their study in Religious Education around Sacraments and Rites of Initiation in Catholic and World Religions. Students were immersed in the Islamic religious traditions and culture, whilst having an appreciation that Jesus and his mother Mary are revered figures in the Quran. Students were also able to make connections between the Catholic/Christian and Islamic faiths so as to deepen understanding and respect for other traditions.

Our Year 11 Faith, Texts and Action class attended the recently renovated Jewish Holocaust Museum as part of their studies on the Holocaust and WWII. There was an opportunity to look at artefacts, see the new museum and hear from a survivor of Auschwitz and the Holocaust, Guta Goldstein. Her powerful message of triumph over tragedy resonated with our students, and her take home message that peace and love overcome hate and violence provided our students with a lot to reflect upon when returning to class this week.

Teaching and Learning

Written by
Kathryn Wilson
Deputy Principal, Teaching and Learning

Semester One Examinations

Following a review of the 2023 examination processes and procedures, it was agreed that Semester One examinations will only involve Years 9 and 10.

Dates for Year 9 and 10 examinations:
• Year 10 Exams: 19 - 27 June
• Year 9 Exams: 25 - 27 June
Further details will be sent home via a letter to parents, but a summary of the arrangements and expectations can be found below:

Year 9:

• Students who have a study session during Period 1 must attend Mentor
• Students who have an examination that begins at 8:40am must arrive at the examination venue by 8:25am
• Students will be dismissed at the end of the day. As part of the examination timetable, Year 9 students will attend supervised study sessions and are not permitted to leave campus during this time.

Year 10:
• Students are not required to attend Mentor sessions during the examination period
• Students are not required to be on school site if they do not have a scheduled exam.

VCE Unit 1:
SACs: In the event of a SAC clashing with an examination, due to the potential absence from Unit 1 lessons, the examination takes priority. Students are expected to attend their examination and see DJD to reschedule their SAC.
Unit 1 classes during the examination period: whilst not compulsory, it is highly recommended that students undertaking a Unit 1 subject attend their classes where possible. If an examination clashes with a Unit 1 lesson, the examination takes priority.

Attendance: Absent students are required to have a medical certificate. They are expected to apply for rescheduling of these examinations as soon as they return to school through Mr Denton (Year 10) and Ms Wilson (Year 9). Students who fail to attend an exam and cannot show a medical certificate will receive 0%. This includes students on holiday.

Dress Code: All students must attend examinations in full school winter uniform (including wearing the school blazer)

Mobile Phones: Mobile phones and/or smart devices are not permitted in an exam room. If a student has a mobile phone or electronic digital device on their person in the exam, it will be removed from the student, and a 0% recorded.

Term 3 Upcoming Events
Term 3 will be an extremely busy term, including:
• Two sets of reports: end of Semester 1 and middle of Semester 2
• One Parent Teacher Interview
Subject Selection 2025

In order to prepare you for the anticipated busyness, please find a summary below:

• End of Semester Reports will be available to parents / carers through the portal from 29 July.
• Mid Semester Reports will be available to parents / carers through the portal towards the end of Term 3.

Parent Teacher Interview:
A reminder that our Parent Teacher Interview will take place on 17 & 18 August.

Subject Selection 2025:
The Subject Selection Process begins in Term 3, week 4. This will be an extremely busy time of the year for all students, staff and parents, including Year Level Assemblies, a Senior Subject Selection Evening and Web Preferences becoming available.

Please find a summary of the main events:
Student Assemblies: Week 4
Senior Subject Selection Evening: 13 August 6pm – 8pm: This year, the evening will take on a slightly different feel compared to previous years
o It will be face to face and will take place in the MPAC
o Universities will be available in the foyer for students to meet and discuss future pathways
o VTAC presentation will be available to parents and students
o Subject Selection Information will be presented for parents and students in Years 9-11
• Web Preferences open: evening of 13 August.

Subject Selection Conversations: During the Subject Selection Process, all current Year 9 and 10 students will meet with a member of the Learning Pathways Team. Students are provided with a copy of their career plan and are strongly encouraged to discuss their Learning Pathways conversation with you.

Application for Accelerated Subjects in 2025
In Term Three our Year 9 and 10 students will be considering their Year 10 and Year 11 subjects for next year. Please find details below:

Current Year 9:
A number of students may wish to complete a Unit 1/2 Subject (Year 11 subject) in 2025.

Acceleration requires demonstrated and consistent high academic achievement and an ability to take on the demands of an accelerated subject. Therefore, a student will need to be committed to their studies, be well organised and able to meet deadlines. English will be one of the subjects in which the student needs to demonstrate a consistently high level of academic ability.

Stages of the Acceleration Process:
1. Letter of invite from the Deputy Principal – Teaching & Learning to those students who meet the desired criteria of 5As (5 x 80%) (one of which has to be English) (75% for Enhanced / CLIL students)
2. Completion of Application Form
3. Completion of Acceleration Test
4. Invitation for a brief interview by the relevant Head of Learning
5. Students and parents informed of the outcome by Deputy Principal – Teaching & Learning.

Students have been informed of this process at the beginning of the year.

Vocational Process in 2024: Pre-V (Year 10) and VCE VM (Year 11)
As students consider their future pathways, they may feel that a vocational curriculum (Pre-V and VCE VM) is more suited to their needs. That may be in terms of the curriculum areas offered or simply that a vocational approach best suits their learning needs. Please find below brief outline of the two Programs.

Current Year 9 - Pre-V:
The Pre-V Program at Loyola is designed to provide students with valuable exposure and practical experience in various vocational fields. It aims to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge required to make informed career choices and excel in their chosen fields.

Current Year 10 - VCE VM:
Students already enrolled on the current Pre-V course will automatically continue their vocational studies into Year 11 and Year 12. There is the opportunity, however for students in Year 10 to join the VCE VM Program in 2025.

Student enrolment for both Vocational Programs is by invitation only and recommendations are made following careful consideration and review of the academic record, skills and interests of the students, alongside conversations with staff. For those students who do not receive a letter of invite, parents / guardians are welcome to contact Mr Langford (Head of VCE VM) or Miss Wilson if they feel a vocational program will suit the learning needs of their child.

Werna Ngalu Wannik

Written by
Student Services
Ignatian 2024: Edition #10 Werna Ngalu Wannik

Senior Life Drawing

Written by
Jacqueline Di Stefano
Head of Visual Arts

Senior Life Drawing

This year, our senior life drawing classes have been a remarkable success, leaving a lasting impact on our students. These sessions have honed their artistic skills and contributed to their personal growth in several meaningful ways.

Through life drawing, students developed a deeper appreciation for the diverse forms and shapes of the human body, fostering a strong sense of body positivity. By working with live models, they learned to see beauty in diversity and gained greater respect for the human form. The focus on capturing accurate proportions helped students understand muscle structure, movement, and the subtleties of light and shadow.

Conducted in an Ignatian spirit, our life drawing classes emphasized reflection, discernment, and holistic learning. Encouraging students to reflect on their work and the creative process nurtured their ability to connect art with personal and spiritual growth. This approach aligns with our mission to educate the whole person—mind, body, and spirit.

Students emerged from these classes as better artists and more thoughtful individuals. The immersive experience taught them patience, attention to detail, and the importance of perspective. In conclusion, the senior life drawing classes have been a profound success, offering students invaluable lessons in art, self-awareness, and personal development. We look forward to continuing this tradition and witnessing the ongoing growth of our talented young artists.

Languages Update

Written by
Jason Van Leest
Head of Languages

What an eventful semester we have had for languages so far!

Emily Nissan (CLCR10) reflected on her experiences in Year 10 Italian:

In the two Year 10 Italian classes, the students are studying Italian Immigration to Australia after the second World War. We have been learning about how the Italians lived in Australia, about their different jobs and the culture they brought to this country. 

With this, the classes made a traditional Abruzzo waffle cookie called Pizzelle. We had to translate a recipe into both English and Italian with only the help of a video in Italian. We also had the chance to drink traditional Italian coffee brewed in a moka pot, either straight, or with milk and sugar. Afterward, we had to write about the process in Italian using the past tense. It was a nice change of pace from the traditional learning in the classroom and we all got to try something new and delicious, with the added benefit of it being from our hard work.

Pak Raymond Setiawan had some exciting news for our Indonesian students:

The Sayembara Lisan is a Statewide Indonesian language speaking competition that is open for students starting from Year 1 to Year 11. Students come from various schools from whole Victoria.

This year, Loyola made another record. We send 37 students ranging from Year 7-11 and this is the highest number of students participating in this event for Loyola College in the last 10 years.

Out of the 37 students, 25 of them went to the Final round. This is also the highest number ever for Loyola to put so many students in the Final round. The Final round will be held on 27 July 2024 and the Award Night will be held at the University of Melbourne in August. Congratulations to all those who took part!

Ms Stefanie Kummerle has been instrumental in supporting our French students in their competition efforts:

Year 9 French CLIL students recently participated in the annual Berthe Mouchette Poetry Competition run by the Alliance Francaise de Melbourne. French students from schools all over Victoria compete from the ages of Grade 6-10. This year's theme was The Olympic Games/Les Jeux Olympiques. Students worked tirelessly through Term 1 and into Term 2, both in class and at home, to learn a wonderful poem called 'Life is like a game of soccer'/ 'La vie c'est comme un match de foot'.

They learnt this poem off by heart and presented their poems to an assessor.

We are all so proud of our students and their achievements on the day. We would like to especially congratulate KAI COPPOLINO (AAAM9) who has been selected as a FINALIST! What an incredible feat to be in the top selection of students across the state. Kai will be presenting his poem again to a panel of judges on Sunday 28th of July over ZOOM.

Ignatian 2024: Edition #10 Languages Kai Coppolino

Kiera Sanchez (XJBE12) and her “kitchen-mates” took part in Le Meilleur Patissier:

On Wednesday 1st May, we were given the opportunity by the French faculty to immerse ourselves in French gastronomy. It was particularly helpful as we could practice our French with a native speaker. In addition, Gastronomy is the unit topic we have been focusing on, so it was helpful to practice our French comprehension skills. 

We began our 2-hour session by reading through the Chouquette recipe in French. Although it was difficult, Arnaud, our French patisserie expert, assisted us by hinting towards what certain words meant or by demonstrating their actions. 

Prior to our baking session on Wednesday, the Year 12 French class was asked to research a French patisserie and recreate it so it could be judged by Arnaud. We had many wonderful desserts on display such as Madeleines, a Fraisier cake, Mille Feuille and more. The students were judged by their French speaking skills, their homemade dessert and their chouquettes made on the day. Overall, it was a great experience to learn about French culture that will also help us with our studies in the year.


We congratulate all of our Languages students in their efforts so far in 2024.

Wellbeing and Personal Development

Written by
Fotini Veis
Acting Wellbeing and Personal Development Coordintor

A SPECIAL REPORT: Smokeless Tobacco Products

The evolving nicotine landscape requires parents and caregivers to stay informed to protect young people from these emerging threats. Snus and nicotine pouches are gaining popularity among young people as smokeless tobacco (SLT) products. Both products are discreetly placed under the upper lip, allowing nicotine absorption through the gums.

Health authorities are urging proactive measures to curb this growing trend and calling on regulators to implement controls before these products become as widespread as vapes. The high nicotine levels in these products pose serious health risks, including nicotine addiction, cardiovascular disease, gum disease, tooth decay, and even nicotine poisoning. Researchers highlight the detrimental effects of nicotine on developing brains, linking its use to depression, anxiety, ADHD symptoms, and an increased risk of addiction to other drugs.

The marketing of snus and nicotine pouches targets young audiences through social media influencers, raising concerns about their increasing popularity among school students. And like vapes, they come in various flavours and strengths, with unregulated nicotine levels leading to inconsistent and misleading labelling. It is clear that SLT products contain not only nicotine, but also other chemicals with unknown long-term effects.

This Special Report will help you become aware of the potential risks of smokeless tobacco products and guide you in age-appropriate discussions with your child.

We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this Special Report, and as always, we welcome your feedback.

If you do have any concerns about the wellbeing of your child, please contact the school for further information or seek medical or professional help.
Here is the link to your special report:

Ignatian 2024: Edition #10 Wellbeing & Personal Development

Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) Assistance

Written by
Darrin Day
Business Manager

The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) offered by the Victorian Government to assist eligible families by reducing the costs of school trips, camps and sporting activities, included in the Loyola fees, has been increased to $250 annually.

Families that hold a valid means-tested concession card such as a Health Care Card or Pension Card, temporary foster parents as well as asylum seeker and refugee families may be eligible for the CSEF payment.

Please click here to access the CSEF application form or contact the school office to obtain a copy. For queries regarding eligibility, contact our Finance Department on 9433 0752.

Thank you.

Student Voice

Written by
Loyola College Committee

Flynn House 

We are so pleased with Flynn House’s enthusiasm this Semester!

Starting off with Term 1, it was a delight to welcome our new Year 7 students, who have settled into Loyola and our Flynn community very well. Our first big event for the term was the Swimming Carnival! The students' outstanding contribution and determination led us to win many events, which clearly showcased Flynn House’s team working abilities. We were stoked to receive the title of victor, and although it didn’t last long, we are all very proud of the commitment and enthusiasm the students presented and are very happy for Xavier House.

Following this, we had the House Eisteddfod; Flynn House was so excited to receive the First-Place award for performance, Rock of Ages. The hard work and dedication was so worthwhile and we are beyond proud of all the students who gave up their time to participate in rehearsals, who made the performance what it was. We want to extend a massive thank you to all the teachers and student leaders who went above and beyond to support the production of the show, along with their ongoing enthusiasm throughout the entire process. This was an amazing achievement for Flynn students to reclaim the victory and have more students excited to participate in the next event.

Athletics once again proved to be another year of amazing participation presented from Flynn House. We all did our best and ran our hardest landing us 3rd overall. We are still so proud of all those who raised their hand to participate, put in the hard work and competed in events. In the end we know it’s not all about winning but having fun and working together to encourage House spirit. A big thanks to all our house captains, teachers and helpers that assisted in keeping the day organized and the students who stepped up to help throughout the day.

We hope that everyone has a safe and restful holiday break, ready to start back with Semester 2, and we wish everyone luck through the busy term, particularly the Year 12s as time starts to dwindle. A big thanks to our Head of House, Ms Tolli, for her continuous support to Flynn House. Bringing much energy and enthusiasm, Ms Tolli has provided us with opportunities and unique ideas that have greatly improved Flynn House. Without her we wouldn’t have been able to accomplish all we have so far this year.

Student of the Fortnight

Amelia Devlin (8,FSKE) is a hardworking and passionate member of the Flynn community that continues to illustrate leadership qualities in various House events and everyday endeavours. Her commitment and dedication to the House Eisteddfod and the swimming carnival did not go unnoticed. Amelia went out of her way to compete in races that were unfilled by other students of her year level, as well as encourage other students to get involved. Amelia goes above and beyond in offering assistance and participating in all Flynn Activities, it's so wonderful to see her bright attitude and ongoing enthusiasm among the Flynn House environment.

Sophie Lay (12,FLBO) & Caleb Waszkinel (12,FECG). 

Flynn House Captains.

Loyola Music Program

Written by
Antonella Dalla-Vecchia
Music Program Coordinator

Loyola Music Program

Loyola students have been cordially invited to join our Music Program in Semester 2. If you’re not already enrolled, we encourage you to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to receive one-on-one private music lessons from our expert Music Tutors.

Our qualified Music Tutors will guide you in developing your musicianship, building confidence and preparing you to perform professionally on stage. You’ll have the chance to learn new skills, create lasting memories and connect with like-minded students who share your passion for music.

To access our Music Program forms, please click on this link or the image below. If you have any questions, please contact our Music Program Co-ordinator via email on music@loyola.vic.edu.au. We look forward to welcoming you to our vibrant music community.

Ignatian 2024: Edition #10 Loyola Music Program 2024

Community Engagement

Written by
Monica Agius
College & Community Engagement Assistant

Grandparents Mass & Morning Tea

This special event is for Grandparents and their grandchildren (students at Loyola). Students attending during Period 2 on this day will be required to wear their full winter uniform (no sport uniform). Bookings can be made HERE from 7.00PM Monday 17 June.

Ignatian 2024: Edition #10 Grandparents Morning Tea 2024

Loyola Parents and Friends Association 2024 major event - Bogan Bingo

The Loyola Parents and Friends Association are excited to announce the major fundraiser for 2024 will be Bogan Bingo to be held on Saturday 7 September.

Get your friends together to enjoy a night of bingo calls to 80’s and 90’s tunes, comedy, tributes, best dressed competition and a spontaneous air guitar competition. It's the interactive, fun game show that gets everyone rocking! Tables of 10 are available, BYO food only with drinks at bar prices. Bookings can be made HERE from 7:00pm Tuesday, 18 June.

Ignatian 2024: Edition #10 LPFA Bogan Bingo

Please note this is an adult only event.

Donation of Loyola Uniform

We are currently seeking donations of girls' winter uniforms for the second-hand uniform supply. If you have any items that you no longer require, please leave washed items with Reception. The second-hand uniform sales assist families in need, and are greatly appreciated. For more information, please contact Monica Agius at community@loyola.vic.edu.au or 9433 0228

2024 Entertainment Guide

Ignatian 2024: Edition #10 Community Engagement Entertainment Logo

Support LPFA fundraising efforts and enjoy hundreds of everyday savings!

Entertainment Guide is the easy to use App packed with incredible savings of up to 50% off and 2-for-1 offers, so you can save on takeaway, dining, shopping, groceries, gift cards, activities and more! And what’s more, 20% of every membership purchased via the following link goes towards supporting the College through the Loyola Parents and Friends Association (LPFA).

Digital memberships can be purchased HERE

Local Community News

Ignatian 2024: Edition #10 University of Melbourne Micro Mathematicians
Ignatian 2024: Edition #10 Community News Big Build M80 Ring Road
Ignatian 2024: Edition #10 Kickathon @ Monty 2024

Ignatian 2024: Edition #10 Community News Banyule Hawks Holiday Camp Semester 1 2024
Ignatian 2024: Edition #10 Community News Banyule Hawks Holiday Camp Dates Semester 1 2024

For the full camp program with details on how to register please click on the following link: Banyule Hawks Holiday Camps - Banyule Hawks Basketball Club

Ignatian 2024: Edition #10 Community News: Raising Fathers Flyer
Ignatian 2024: Edition #10 Community News: Raising Fathers Information St Martins of Tours 2024
Ignatian 2024: Edition #10 Local Community News Caritas 1
Ignatian 2024: Edition #10 Local Community News Caritas 2
Ignatian 2024: Edition #10 Community News Winter warmers 1
Ignatian 2024: Edition #10 Community News Winter warmers 2
Donation Bins are in Heads of House areas
Ignatian 2024: Edition #10 Community News Winter warmers 3
Donation Bins are in Heads of House areas

Local Council News: Fulton Hogan

A new 100-sapce multi-deck car park and bus interchange is being built at Greensborough Station. The bus interchange includes five bus bays and will centralise bus movements in the area and improve access to public transport.

Major works are underway, with the project will be complete by the end of the year.

To help safely build the new structure and to protect pedestrians, the western pedestrian path on Flintoff Street between Para Road and the Greensborough Medical Centre (next to our construction site) have been closed.

Students that use this route for their travel to school, are reminded to use the signalised crossing and walk up eastern pedestrian path on Flintoff Street to ensure their safety, instead of walking up Flintoff St on the road next to live traffic.

Fulton Hogan aim to minimise disruptions where possible and recognise that current disruption is not convenient for pedestrians trying to access public transport and the shops. They are reviewing this disruption to see where improvements can be made.

For more information about the project please visit carparks.vic.gov.au/project/greensborough-station-car-park/

If you have any further questions or would like to chat, please call Kellie Russo on 0499 402 278 or you can email kellie.russo@fultonhogan.com.au

Ignatian 2024: Edition #10 Community News Greensborough station project