In order to become more ecologically sustainable Loyola College is integrating sustainable concepts and practices into the curriculum through both curriculum based activities, co-curricular groups and Government initiatives at both State and Federal levels.

The College’s sustainability policy and its vision clearly highlight the long term goals we aim to accomplish over time.

Loyola College aims to become a Sustainable School by reducing our ecological footprint through adopting sustainable practices in our everyday lives. We will achieve this by integrating sustainability into all areas of the curriculum and instilling a sense of ownership of and pride in improving the environment. We will lead the community by demonstrating exemplary practices in waste management, water and energy usage, and develop the school grounds to promote indigenous plant and animal biodiversity.

The following Sustainability initiatives have been undertaken, so that we are able to educate our students as to the importance of the environment, both at present and into the future:

  • VCE VM will undertake the propagation and planting of native seeds
  • VET Hospitality students will choose herbs and vegetables for planting within the VCE VM Garden. These plants will then provide produce for use within the school restaurant and hospitality classes
  • The Loyola Conservation Club (LCC) will assist in the organising and the running of National environmental days such as Clean up Australia Day. The Club also intends to instigate an annual Environmental Forum for other schools to attend
  • The College will instigate House Sustainability Awards based on looking after the House environment and its surrounds
  • Year 7s will continue to develop the indigenous Garden Project with the assistance of the VCAL students
  • Year 11 Religion and Society: Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si on Care for Our Common Home is to be used as the underlying teaching used with regard to creation, our world and our faith
  • Recycling and Energy Conservation initiatives are to continue and new clean energy solutions introduced. Solar Power is to be introduced and expanded

The College is committed to Sustainability and endeavours to address emerging environmental issues by seeking to encourage student engagement, encouraging the growth of the whole person and by ensuring students interact with, and participate in, ecological endeavours.