13 February 2024

Acknowledging our 2023 High Achievers

"Anyone can become the Dux. But in my eyes, it takes one key thing. Above what everyone else thinks, you have to believe in yourself, and you have to want it. I was just like you, until the day I realised the only thing holding me back from achieving all my goals was me."

- Pio Abi Raad: 2023 Loyola College Dux

Our annual Opening College Assembly is always a special occasion on the school calendar and our 2024 edition proved no different - providing us with a great opportunity to celebrate our Class of 2023 High Achievers whilst also hearing from our 2023 College Dux - Pio Abi Raad!

The Assembly also featured our Student Leadership Commissioning and Commitment Ceremony, along with a number of additional award presentations including the Liam O'Sullivan Literary Award.

Congratulations to the following members of of Class of 2023 who were acknowledged for their efforts in obtaining an ATAR score of 90+:

Alvin Santosa
Benjamin Grasso
Jasmine Elzink
Xuehui Wu
Joshua Rotin
Giulia Micomonaco
Melanie Carbis
Joseph Abi Raad
Daniel Stanton
Jason Remi
Abbey Wilson
Gabrielle Liew
Pio Abi Raad

You can read our 2023 College Dux's official address by CLICKING HERE.