Ignatian Newsletter: 2024 - Edition #6

Teaching & Learning

Written by
Kathryn Wilson
Deputy Principal, Teaching and Learning

As the community are already aware, the School has made some slight changes to our Reporting System and Parent-Teacher Interviews (PTIs) this Semester.

Term 1 presented unique challenges with it being a relatively short term alongside our usual Activities Week. In light of this, we made adjustments to our reporting process and PTIs to ensure that we provide you with comprehensive feedback on your child's progress while accommodating these changes effectively.


Reports will be available to parents / carers through the Parent Portal from 23 April.

ALL (both interim and end of Semester) reports will only be available online. Therefore, it is recommended that parents /guardians print a hard copy or save the report as a PDF if they would like to refer to it during the Parent-Teacher Interviews.

Parent-Teacher Interviews (PTIs):

The purpose of these Interviews is to discuss the learning that has occurred so far this Semester and, in particular, look at the academic successes and challenges that your child may have encountered so far this year.

Dates & Times:

Wednesday 15 May: 5:00pm to 8:00pm - Online through MS Teams (teachers will make contact with parent and student by ringing the student)

Thursday 16 May: 2:00pm to 8:30pm - Face to Face at Loyola College (students dismissed at 1:15pm)


In response to parent feedback, Year 12 parents will get earlier access to bookings.  

• Open Wednesday 1 May at 7pm (Y12)

• Open Thursday 2 May at 7pm (Y7-12)

• Close Tuesday 14 May at 1pm (Y7-12)  


LCH (H032 on your booking list): All subjects with the exception of below

Portable Classrooms (T1-7 on your booking list): Maths & Science

iCentre (L069 on your booking list): Humanities


Appointments will last for 7 minutes with 2 minutes provided to move from one appointment to another.

If the occasion arises whereby parents / carers miss the 2-week window, then they are asked to contact staff directly. Please do not ask staff on reception to book appointments for you.

How You Can Prepare: As we approach the scheduled PTIs, I encourage you to take some time to reflect on your child's academic journey so far this year. Consider any questions or concerns you may have regarding their progress, as these PTIs provide an invaluable opportunity to address them directly with your child's teachers.

Clarification for Online Appointments (Wednesday 15 May 5.00pm – 8.00pm):

• Your interview schedule will be the same as it is when the interview is face to face.

• The interview will occur on MS Teams using your child’s Loyola account.

• At the scheduled time, the teacher will ring the student on their MS Teams account – please be available to receive the call.

• If unanswered, the teacher will call for a second time during the designated appointment time.

• If the call is still unanswered, then the teacher will not attempt to call again.

• Interviews will last for 7 minutes with a 2 minute gap before the next one

• We acknowledge some families have special circumstances. If both parents wish to attend these Conversations, we ask that you make one mutually agreed interview time.

• If you are unable to attend together, but both still wish to meet with your child’s Subject Teacher, please make an alternative time directly with your child’s Subject Teacher.