Ignatian Newsletter: 2024 - Edition #1

Community Engagement


A warm welcome to all Loyola families, particularly to the 272 new students and their families - both new and existing - joining our community in 2024. We look forward to sharing many exciting events and initiatives throughout the year to connect our community with the College.

Throughout Term 1 there will be various events to welcome our new students, including the College Assembly where our Year 7 and Year 12 students will be formally acknowledged.

Year 7 Picnic

Year 7 students and their families had the lovely experience of sharing a picnic lunch with their families on the first day of school, January 31. It was lovely to see parents, carers, grandparents and siblings enjoy the beautiful weather in our wonderful Old Loyola gardens and to watch the sharing of “first day” experiences, the reuniting of existing primary school connections and the formation of new friendships. Thank you to the PWP and LPFA members who joined us to welcome our families to the school year.

Morning Tours 2024

Morning Tours for 2024 take place from 9:15am – 11:00am on the following dates:

Monday 20 February

Wednesday 20 March

Wednesday 5 June

Thursday 25 July

Friday 30 August

Tuesday 17 September

Thursday 10 October

Friday 8 November

Please visit the College website at www.loyola.vic.edu.au to book a tour.

2024 Loyola College Tour Dates

Parent Involvement at Loyola

There are many opportunities for parents to be involved in various aspects of College life. Studies indicate that parental involvement in a child’s education is one of the most important factors in raising a student’s self-esteem and academic achievement by nurturing an environment of partnership between home and school. A number of volunteer opportunities are available to Loyola parents including various committees such as Loyola Parents & Friends Association (LPFA), Partnership with Parents (PWP), Loyola College Alumni Association (LCAA), Friends of Performing Arts (FOPA), Co-curriculum Reference Group (CRG), Development of Welfare at Loyola (DOWAL), Development of Curriculum at Loyola (DOCAL) and PACUR (Principal’s Advisory Committee for Uniform Regulations (PACUR).

Other vital areas in which we encourage parent involvement are Working Bees, Hospitality Assistance, Canteen Duty, Mail Out Group, and Donations for Fundraising Activities. Parents interested in learning more about any of the opportunities mentioned can contact me on 9433 0228 or at community@loyola.vic.edu.au

I look forward to meeting with parents and working together throughout this year.