Ignatian Newsletter: 2024 - Edition #1

Principal's Report

Written by
Alison Leutchford
Acting Principal

Students have started back at Loyola this week. There has been a great buzz in the air. I would like to formally welcome back all students, especially our new students, and their families.

New Staff

We have appointed several new staff members, and I would like to take the opportunity to introduce them to our school community.

In the teaching space, we have appointed the following teachers:

Iva Belfiore (English)

Stephen Brasier (English & RE)

Joshua Brant (Drama & Dance)

Natalie Buser (English & History)

Bethany Casamento (Mathematics)

Susan Driessen (Head of MacKillop House)

Yolanda Forster (English & Humanities)

Ashley Johnson (Humanities)

Maria Liuzzi-Scapelli (Italian)

Kirsty McBean (Science & Maths)

Alasdair O’Brien (Mathematics)

Alessia Petruzza (Italian)

Leonie Rizzi (Music)

Joshua Sicari (Physical Education)

Adrian Stojokvich (Design Technology & Visual Arts)

Natalie Taylor (Religious Education)

Susan Varghese (Chemistry and Science)

Anna Yarrovi (Mathematics)

Natalie Zrimsek (Science)

The following members of Support Staff have also joined our community:

CJ McLeod (Performing Arts Assistant)

Amy Freeman (First Aid Assistant)

Josian Gazsik (Learning Support Officer)

Mark Goy (Counsellor)

Eoin Rodden (AFL Trainee – STEM)

Ourania Rossi (Canteen Assistant)

Megan Soong (Archivist)

Charlie Stute (Woodwork Trainee)

Sandra Wilson (Venue Hire Coordinator)

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Centre

Building of the new STEM facility is set to commence in coming weeks. The building site has been secured and the builders are doing their preliminary planning. Several of our classrooms will not be accessible for the duration of the project and as such we have seven portables on campus for the next twelve months. This new building will sit between the MacKillop building and the iCentre and will support our work in developing critical thinkers, problem- solvers, initiative, teamwork, and creativity.

Commencement Bulletin

Earlier this week, parents were emailed a Commencement Bulletin. This bulletin contains important information and dates for term one, 2024. We are hoping that parents save this document and refer to it throughout the term. We appreciate that parents are busy, and we are trying to minimise the number of emails forwarded to parents. By giving our families this information ahead of time, we are hoping that people can plan and get a sense of what is coming.

Parent Drop-Off Zone

The Grimshaw Street drop – off zone has had an upgrade. The newly painted lines clearly mark where parents may stop and where they are to drive through. We ask that parents are respectful of each other and abide by these expectations. It is important that we keep all students safe. We also want to keep the traffic flowing to allow parents to more through the zone quickly and efficiently. Thank you in anticipation of your support.

I wish all students well as we commence the new year. Students are encouraged to make the most of the opportunities on offer at the College. A new year is a time to try new things and make new connections.