08 November 2023

Unveiling Creativity: A Showcase of Artistic Talent

Our 2023 Art and Design Show proved to be a captivating event for members of our College and wider community, seamlessly blending live music, a showcase of creativity, vibrant artwork, innovation, and beauty. This annual event serves as a culmination of countless hours of hard work and inspiration from talented artists and designers here at Loyola College.

With an electric atmosphere and a diverse range of workshops catering to different artistic interests, the show was not only a celebration of individual creativity but also a collective experience, allowing families to attend together and celebrate the achievements of students. Adding to the sensory delights, attendees were treated to the rich flavours of Mexican food, enhancing the overall cultural experience of the show.

Loyola College would like to congratulate the following students for winning the 'Most Outstanding Artwork or Design' award for their respective year levels:

Laily Aalders 7XEJS

Aleah Smith 8FARV

Maya Ellul 9AJWP

Sierra Filippone 10KSSD

Orlando Benzon Tuke 11KMLE

Shireen Yelburga 11XDMA

Kaelan Smith 11XBAM

Eliza Lo Presti 11XJAG

Raphael MacDonald 11CMST

Charlie Cardamone 11MJLI

Bella Zhang 12MGAO

Charles Lane 12MJT

Tristan Weiland 12FADB

Ben Compton-Cook 8CVCA

Vanessa D’Angelo 9MGAO

Emily Brodelis 10ATMV

Jacob Wiid 11CTJM

Madelaine Dupes 11MMBM

Jasper Kowalski 12XJGA

Patrick Harrison 11ASRK

Principal’s Award for Visual Arts : Mackenzie Lavender 11FHPL

Principal’s Award for Design Technology: Harvey Lee 12XTJP

The Via Maxima - Magis Collection:

For the first time in Loyola College history, we had the pleasure of announcing and congratulating students whose work has been selected for inclusion in our inaugural Via Maxima – Magis Collection. This collection of work has been carefully selected by the Visual Arts staff and our Acting Principal, Ms. Alison Leutchford to adorn the Via Maxima hallway in our Old Loyola Building for the next 12 months. 

The following students will have their artwork on display as part of our inaugural collection:

Olivia Lawson 11XBAM

Claire Lawson 11XYKS

Laura Greig 7XJGA

Laily Aalders 7XEJS

Benjamin Stefanidis 10JCU

Isabelle Fazzari 10XMCU

Madelaine Dupes 11MMBM

Maya Kowalski 10XEJS

Alannah Tantiongco 10ASRK

Allie Wardle 12FRLP

Sierra Filippone 10KSSD

Alessia Pipolo 11ASVS

Mackenzie Lavender 11FHPL

Loyola College also acknowledges the support of Atelier Art Supplies who generously donated a number of award prizes for the event. Well done to all students who had pieces on display and thank you to those in attendance!