15 December 2023

Celebrating a Year of Achievement

Congratulations to all students who were presented with awards at our recent Loyola College Awards Ceremony for their efforts and achievement in 2023. We were honoured to welcome former College Captain Nic Papadimatos (L: 03-08) to deliver the Occasional Address for the evening - held on Wednesday, 6 December 2023.

Nic is currently employed as a Director in the Global Strategy Group of professional services firm KPMG - specialising in Business Strategy and working with some of the largest corporate, non-for-profit and public sector clients throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

A lifelong learner, Nic completed a Bachelor of Commerce (University of Melbourne) after graduating from Loyola College in 2008 and has continued to add to his academic credentials, completing his studies as a certified Chartered Accountant (CA) with the institute of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand; Master of Business Administration (MBA) at the University of Queensland; Entrepreneurship Studies at Harvard University; and studies in Corporate Strategy at Copenhagen Business School.

We take this opportunity to thank Nic for his attendance and congratulate the recipients of all awards on the night. A list of College medal recipients and our event program containing all award recipients can be found below:

Wesley MillsInsignis Award: Wesley Mills (L: 18-23)

The Insignis Award is presented to a Loyola Student who reflects the qualities of a person that St Ignatius would have happily had as one of his companions. A compassionate, generous, an effective leader, and one who would recognise the good and do it despite the cost. In essence, a person for others.

This year’s recipient - Wesley Mills (L:18-23) - has been an exceptional leader and a wonderful ambassador for our College over the years. He was always ready to accept any challenge or task put before him, and showed immense initiative in organising events whilst remaining active with his faith. Wesley’s efforts, general demeanour and performance as a leader have been outstanding - earning him significant respect and standing from both peers and staff. Congratulations Wesley.
Ann HugginsLoyola Medal: Ann Huggins (L: 97-23)

Ann Huggins has had a positive impact on teaching and support staff across all areas of our college for the last two and a half decades. Ann has contributed through a range of different roles - Home Economics Assistant, Receptionist, Phootcopy Coordinator and Assistant to the Deputy Principals. Regardless of position held, Ann has always been willing to lend a helping hand and be of service to others. Her kind manner, listening ear and non-judgemental approach made her the person that others defaulted to for assistance and information. Prior to working at the College, Ann had been a parent in the Loyola community and served on the Loyola Parents and Friends Association.

Ann’s compassion, support and welcoming nature has left a lasting impression on all members of our community. A true professional, her commitment and loyalty to Loyola College have been on display since day one. She has always spoken passionately and proudly about all those who belong to our community. Congratulations Ann.
Ben GrassoSt Ignatius Medal: Benjamin Grasso (L: 18-23)

The St Ignatius Medal is awarded to a current or past student who has given service in a pastoral or leadership capacity showing loyalty and commitment to the College for an extended period of time.

A reliable leader, Benjamin Grasso (L: 18-23) has dedicated himself to supporting his peers in engaging with all College endeavours across the last 6 years. Always first to step up, volunteer or help – his presence amongst our student body has worked to create a supportive and welcoming environment for students across Year 7 to 12. A participant in our Christian Service Program, ACS Athletics, Cross Country and multiple sporting teams, Benjamin was also our 2023 Xavier House Captain, and is a more than worthy recipient of this year’s medal.
Monique GrassoJesuit Medal: Monique Grasso

Awarded to a current or former parent or College friend who has given service in a pastoral or professional capacity, showing loyalty and commitment to the College - the 2023 Jesuit Medalist is Monique Grasso.

A generous, kind-hearted member of our parent community, Monique has contributed immensely to College endeavours since her first child commenced with us back in 2014. Always ready to put up her hand and help, she’s worked tirelessly to ensure that all members of our parent community feel welcome, engaged and a valued member of the College. She provided support as Head Parent of Xavier House, as a member of our Presentation Ball Committee, a volunteer in our Canteen, a host family for Cultural Experience students and more. Congratulations Monique!