Ignatian Newsletter: 2024-Edition #8

Ignatian Newsletter

Principal's Report

Written by
Alison Leutchford
Acting Principal

‘Canapes with Class’

On Thursday, 2 May, parents enjoyed a wonderful evening of finger food and refreshments at ‘Canapes with Class’. The finger food was prepared by our very own Year 12 VET Hospitality students and served by Year 11 VET Hospitality students. The spoils were absolutely delicious and beautifully presented, with the service highly professional. Whilst numbers were low, all aspects of the evening were of an exceptionally high standard. We are very proud of our VET Hospitality students and the staff that mentor them, Mrs Fiona Chapman, Ms Liz Gartland and Mr Alex Marinelli.

Open Day

Our annual Open Day took place on Sunday, 5 May. Online check-in data indicates a total of 247 families in attendance, which is slightly higher than the number of families in attendance in 2023 (235).

Loyola College continues to be a school of interest for many families both in the area and wider surrounds. Our campus grounds shone on the day, showcasing the facilities and many programs offered here at our school, however our best promotion by far was our Student Tour Guides who represent the college with pride and integrity. Several parents commended our students and the high standard of their tours.

I thank the parent representatives for the LPFA who provided a constant stream of free sausages for our guests. I also thank Mr Matthew Luczek, Director of College and Community Engagement, for his outstanding organisation and high level of professionalism.

Mother’s Day Breakfast

Our annual Mother’s Day Breakfast took place on Tuesday, 7 May. This year’s event was for Mothers and Sons and guests were treated to a wonderful presentation by Monique Grasso (2023 Jesuit Medallist) and Ben Grasso (2023 Loyola Medallist, L:18-23). Monique and Ben shared some of their challenges and advice on working and growing together as mother and son.

After the breakfast, Fr Gerry Healy SJ celebrated a most beautiful liturgy which was appreciated by all in attendance.

Parent Teacher Interviews

A big thank you to those parents who attended our recent Parent Teacher Interviews. Attendance was much improved on recent years. At Loyola, we are fully committed to working in partnership with our parents to ensure students meet their potential. Regular communication and dialogue is part of building this powerful working relationship. I encourage all parents to take time to meet with teachers when the opportunities arise.

Jesuit and Companion Schools Australasia (JACSA)

We were honoured to welcome three staff members from St Ignatius College, Athelstone (Adelaide) to our school on Friday, 17 May. This was an opportunity to strengthen connections within our Ignatian network and to exchange ideas on a range of education aspects, including pastoral care, facilities, operations and learning.

I was also privileged to represent Loyola College at the St Ignatius of Loyola (Drury, Auckland) Chapel Opening on Saturday, 18 May. A Catholic co-educational school, St Ignatius opened at the beginning of 2024 with students in Years 7 – 9. We welcome them to our network and look forward to watching them grow as a school in the Ignatian tradition. As they move to senior years, there may be opportunity to challenge them in cricket – hopefully with a win to Australia over New Zealand!

School Saving Bonus

Recently, the State Government announced a $400 School Saving Bonus for all school students in government schools regardless of income, but only for Health Care Card holders in Catholic schools.

This is deeply unfair. We believe the payment should be means tested for all students or apply to all students. It should not be based on which school you attend. This policy is unfair to families who choose to send their children to a Catholic school.

Loyola College, Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools (MACS) and the peak body, the Victorian Catholic Education Authority (VCEA), are working hard to oppose this policy, and we need your help.

We need to show the Victorian Government that families who choose a Catholic school think this policy is unacceptable.

Please consider contacting your local Member of Parliament to express your concern.

Thank you in anticipation of you advocating for your family and our College.

Teaching & Learning

Written by
Kathryn Wilson
Deputy Principal, Teaching and Learning

Parent-Teacher Interviews (PTIs):

Thank you to all parents / guardians for attending the Parent Teacher Interviews. We hope they were meaningful and worthwhile, and provided feedback on your child’s learning and wellbeing, together with strategies to support future progress.

Semester One Examinations:
Following a review of the 2023 examination processes and procedures, it was agreed that Semester one examinations will only involve Years 9 and 10.

Year 8 & 11 will only have end of year examinations. The reasons for this decision was to better prepare our Year 11 students for their VCE examinations. Year 11 examinations will now replicate the Year 12 examination structure. In terms of Year 8, we now have a smoother and more fluent transition from Year 7 (no examinations) to Year 9 (two examinations).

Dates for Year 9 and 10 examinations:

• Year 10 Exams: 19 - 27 June
• Year 9 Exams: 25 - 27 June

Year 9 - Application for Accelerated Subjects in 2025 Unit 1/2:
Whilst invitations and applications are not expected until Term 3, I thought it prudent to provide an overview to the community, as the invitation to Year 9 students is based on their Semester 1 assessment results. As a result, they only have the remainder of Term 2 to meet the criteria.

Overview for 2024 Year 9 students:

Acceleration requires demonstrated consistent high academic achievement and an ability to take on the demands of an accelerated subject. Therefore, a student will need to be committed to their studies, be well organised and able to meet deadlines.

Stages of the Acceleration Process:

1. Letter of invite from the Deputy Principal – Teaching & Learning to those students who meet the desired criteria of 5As (5 x 80%) (one of which has to be English) (75% for Enhanced / CLIL students)
2. Completion of Application Form
3. Completion of Acceleration Test
4. Invitation for a brief interview by the relevant Head of Learning
5. Students and parents informed of the outcome by Deputy Principal – Teaching & Learning.

Students have been informed of this process at the beginning of the year.

Ignatian Mission & Identity

Written by
Adam Calderone
Deputy Principal, Ignatian Mission and Identity

This week and next, we celebrate the lives of two of our House Patrons, Caroline Chisholm and St Francis Xavier.

Though they are from vastly different eras and backgrounds, both embody a profound dedication to serving humanity. Their lives, though separated by centuries, are linked by their unwavering commitment to helping others and their tireless efforts to alleviate suffering.

Saint Francis Xavier, a revered figure in the Catholic faith, lived during the 16th century. He was one of the founding members of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) and is renowned for his missionary work, particularly in Asia. Xavier's zeal for spreading Christianity led him to journey across continents, braving immense challenges and hardships. His compassion knew no bounds as he ministered to the sick, taught the marginalised, and provided solace to the downtrodden. His legacy as a missionary and humanitarian endures, inspiring countless individuals to follow in his footsteps and dedicate themselves to serving others selflessly.

Caroline Chisholm, on the other hand, emerged as a beacon of compassion and social reform during the 19th century. Born in England, Chisholm became known as the "emigrant's friend" for her pioneering efforts in assisting migrants, particularly women and families, during the colonial expansion of Australia. She recognised the dire conditions faced by migrants and worked tirelessly to provide them with support, accommodation, and opportunities for employment. Chisholm's advocacy for social justice and her relentless campaigning for the rights and welfare of the vulnerable left an indelible mark on society. Her legacy continues to resonate, especially in the realms of immigration and social welfare.

Despite the temporal and geographical differences between them, the lives of Saint Francis Xavier and Caroline Chisholm intersect in their shared ethos of compassion and service, two very Ignatian characteristics. Both exemplified the principles of empathy, altruism, and solidarity, dedicating their lives to uplifting those in need. Whether ministering to the spiritual and physical needs of communities in distant lands or advocating for the rights and dignity of migrants, they embodied the essence of humanitarianism.

Moreover, their legacies serve as a reminder of the enduring power of individuals to effect positive change in the Loyola community and wider world. Their examples inspire us to look beyond ourselves and to extend a helping hand to those who are marginalized or suffering. In a world marked by division and inequality, the lives of Saint Francis Xavier and Caroline Chisholm stand as beacons of hope, challenging us to cultivate a spirit of compassion and solidarity in our own lives.

House-emblam.png" data-image="43498" alt="Ignatian 2024: Edition #8 Caroline Chisholm and Chisholm House banner" width="923" height="510">
House-banner.png" data-image="43501" alt="Ignatian 2024: Edition #8 Saint Francis Xavier and Xavier House banner" width="932" height="547">

Loyola College is proud to once again support the Cancer Council with Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea, which this year will run at recess on Friday 31 May. A wide variety of sweet and savoury snacks and drinks will be available to pre-order via a Humanitix link which will be emailed to students and families this week, as well as on our socials. A small amount of food and drink will also be available on the day without preorders.
The fundraiser will take place in the Two Wolves Hub, for collection of preorders on House tables and kiosk for sales on the day. All profits will be donated and we thank you once again for your support of the Cancer Council.

Ignatian 2024: Edition #8 Australia's Biggest Morning Tea Flyer

New SMS Attendance Notification

Written by
Jacqueline Salamon
Director of Students

Notifying the school of your child’s absence either prior to, or on, the day that they will be away from school helps ensure the safety and wellbeing of children and will fulfil your legal responsibility.

If your child is sick or absent, you are required to notify the school as soon as possible on the day of absence, by using the College Portal or Email/Phone Call to Reception.

If your child is absent on a particular day and you have not contacted the school to with an explanation, an SMS will be sent to you prompting you to reply 1 or 2 according to the reason:

1. Medical/Unwell

2. Personal/Family

Any other reason for absence will require you to contact Loyola College to provide an explanation of your child’s absence.

This system promotes daily school attendance. Going to school every day is the single most important part of your child’s education; they learn new things every day – missing school puts them behind.

Engaging Grade 4 students 'Humanities Style'

Written by
Lisa Saltalamacchia
Head of Learning-Humanities and Commerce Faculty

On Wednesday 8th of May, the Grade 4 students from our feeder schools embarked on a memorable journey facilitated by the Humanities Faculty. The activity of the day was the 'Amazing Race' activity, which elicited an enthusiastic response from the students.

Structured with pedagogical precision, the activity encompassed three distinct tasks designed to engage the students intellectually and foster collaborative problem-solving skills.

Task 1 entailed a blend of physical agility and cognitive acumen as students selected a designated runner from their team to go on a quest to find the bundle of flags found in a secret location within the school. This exercise not only honed their ability to navigate physical spaces but also challenged their geographical knowledge. Upon acquiring the flags, teams were tasked with identifying the respective countries they represented, discerning the languages spoken therein, and pinpointing their locations on a global map.

Task 2 delved into the annals of history, presenting students with pivotal events such as the inception of Google. Participants needed to place these events accurately on a timeline, thereby refining their historical literacy and contextualising significant milestones within the continuum of time.

Task 3 pivoted towards the exploration of economic/business principles, as students were presented with a trio of images symbolising distinct resource categories: capital, natural, and labour. Teams meticulously categorised each image, thereby elucidating their comprehension of fundamental economic concepts and their real-world applications.

The pinnacle of anticipation arose as teams strived for the Magis and wished for the title of 'Amazing Race' champions. The first triumphant team to successfully navigate through all three tasks claimed the title and received a well-deserved prize, serving as a testament to their teamwork, ingenuity, and determination.

Beyond the allure of competition, the 'Amazing Race' activity served as a conduit for holistic learning, amalgamating physical activity, historical inquiry, and economic/business understanding into a cohesive educational experience.

As educators, we loved creating such innovative approaches to instil a lifelong passion for learning and empower students to navigate the complexities of the world with confidence.

A big thank you to my colleagues Jenny Murray and Natalie Buser who accompanied me in creating and delivering this fun activity for the grade 4 students.

Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) Assistance

Written by
Darrin Day
Business Manager


The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) offered by the Victorian Government to assist eligible families by reducing the costs of school trips, camps and sporting activities, included in the Loyola fees, has been increased to $250 annually.

Families that hold a valid means-tested concession card such as a Health Care Card or Pension Card, temporary foster parents as well as asylum seeker and refugee families may be eligible for the CSEF payment.

Please click here to access the CSEF application form or contact the school office to obtain a copy. For queries regarding eligibility, contact our Finance Department on 9433 0752.

ICT News

Written by
Victor Dalla-Vecchia
ICT Manager

Cybersafety Part 5: Don’t scratch the ‘ish’

An ‘ishing’ attack is not fun

Click on the link and you’re done

Beware of the phish, vish and the smish

And keep the criminals a-shun.

Ignatian 2024: Edition #8 ICT News Cybersafety phishing

They say ‘knowledge is power’, and ‘ignorance is bliss’. But in the case of cyber safety, ignorance is ‘bl-ish’: it’s like crossing the road with your eyes closed!

There is no point wishing cybercrime would go away! Nefarious cyber actors wishing to steal your credit card or eBanking login details, or corrupt your hard drive with ransomware are employing an increasing range of methods, so broad in fact that these methods have attracted their own family of ‘ish’ sounding descriptors: phishing, vishing and smishing!

Click on the links above to find out what these words mean. Don’t worry, trust me, these links are safe! You can test the veracity of my claim by hovering over each link and checking where the link takes you: it should have a URL (ie web address) beginning with ‘https://en.wiktionary.org’.

Similarly, always check the URL of any link sent you via email or phone message. If the link looks like a bit ‘ishi’, don’t scratch it! Never give personal details over the phone, unless you are absolutely sure you know to whom you are talking.

 Report criminal communications to the Australian Cyber Security Centre.

Report suspicious communications, particularly in relation to abuse, bullying and child safety to the Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner.

Community Engagement

Written by
Monica Agius
College & Community Engagement Assistant

Xavier College Maytime Fair – Saturday, 4 May

In contrast to last year’s cold and wet weather, Xavier College were blessed with a beautiful morning which drew in great crowds at the annual Maytime Fair. In addition to the many stalls including books, jam, candles and craft, to name a few, the grounds were filled with amusements and food stalls. Loyola College once again supported this event, which raises funds for Jesuit Mission, with a hot jam donut stall. In addition to the steady queues at the stall, the spectators supporting student football matches on the ovals eagerly purchased what was described as “the most delicious hot jam donuts”.

The staff and volunteers at Xavier College and Jesuit Mission are extremely grateful for the generosity of time given by Loyola College; and I would personally like to thank staff and parents: Matthew Luczek, Sean Simpson, Mark Monteneri, Ornella Monteneri, Pinella Lo Presti, Lisa Grant, Loretta Baker, Brendon Carrol; and students Olivia Di Girolamo, 12/XJAR; Laily Aalders, 8XEJS; Charlotte Brookes, 11XTJP and Luca Mao, 8XBAM who happily cooked, coated and sold donuts on the day. A special thank you to Chris Doumbalis and Mario Calvitto from our Facilities & Property team who kindly delivered and collected marquees, fryers and donuts during a very busy time at Loyola.

Ignatian 2024: Edition #8 Xavier Maytime Fair 2024

Open Day – Sunday, 5 May

The annual Open Day is a wonderful opportunity to showcase the facilities and programs available at Loyola College. This year we welcomed 247 prospective families who wandered through our beautiful grounds, visited the various curriculum areas and listened to the Acting Principal’s Address. The day provided opportunities to speak with our teachers about our programs and to participate in activities such as cup cake decorating, Giant Scrabble, Trilingual Tag, Codebreaker and Fitness Testing Fanatics. The main cast from the upcoming College Musical, Mamma Mia! also held their rehearsals and gave guests a glimpse of what audiences can expect to see in July.

A very big thank you to all who contributed to making this day a success in providing our community with the opportunity to see what the College has to offer. Thank you to staff and students who assisted with the preparations and delivery of the program for the day. Thank you to our Student Leaders and Student Ambassadors who did an excellent job in providing guided tours to our guests; and to the Loyola Parents and Friends Association (LPFA) who cooked and served the free BBQ enjoyed by all.    

Ignatian 2024: Edition #8 Loyola College Open Day 2028

Mother & Son Breakfast

This year we celebrated the mothers in our community at the Mother and Son Breakfast held on Tuesday, 7 May. With a very early start to the day, mothers and their sons enjoyed a delicious breakfast prepared and served by our Hospitality students who were ably assisted by their teachers, Fiona Chapman and Elizabeth Gartland, as well as our Catering Assistant, Alex Marinelli.

We were extremely fortunate to have a beautiful presentation from Benjamin Grasso (L: 18-23) and his Mum Monique, both recipients of the Jesuit Medal and the St Ignatius Medal, respectively in 2023; each for their dedicated service in a pastoral or leadership capacity, showing loyalty and commitment to the College. The duo shared ways in which they have navigated the mother/son relationship – including communication and shared experiences, the challenges faced in parenting and being a teenager/student/son, how they have supported one another and ways in which they strengthen the bond between them.

Ignatian 2024: Edition #8 Loyola College Mother's Day Breakfast 2024

Community News

Parenting with Confidence flyer: Ignatian 2024-Edition #8